Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 223 Battlestar Galactica Gallery Special

TITLE-Battlestar Galactica Gallery Special

While I do remember when Realm had the BSG comic book rights,I never read an issue until this one.

There is 2 stories in the issue. The first is about Boxy's daggit trying to fins Boxy. This story is a nice change of pace from what I was expecting.

The second story has Galactica under attack from Cylons. During this 3 of the Galactica's pilots are missing. We cut to a planet and see that Starbuck has crashed on it. He wanders around and finds the crashed Cylon ship that shot him down. Starbuck ends up fighting the Cylon ship's pilot. Not long after that a Cylon raider makes an emergency landing on the Galactica's landing bay. When the pilot gets out we discover that it was Starbuck piloting the ship. And the Cylon pilot is Boomer. The story ends with us finding out that all the other missing pilots have been converted over into half Cylon creatures.

Really this wasn't bad. Both stories were decent. The art is nice. Kind of glad I didn't spend the cover price of almost 4 bucks for this.

Battlestar Galactica Gallery Special gets a borrow.