Sunday, September 20, 2015

3 Toys from the Junkbox 9/20/2015

Yeah I know it has been awhile since I did one of these. But I have been busy with lots of stuff this summer.

This is from the Imaginext line. They do blind buy bagged figures. Normally they are 3 or 4 bucks. But my local Walmart is clearing series 3 out at $1.50 a figure. Sadly the figures have no names so I named this guy Louie. He has articulation his hips,wrists,shoulders and neck. With the shoulders being on balljoints. Which gives you much more range of movement. I love how all the Imaginext stuff works with any figure from the line. So I can take Louie's guitar and amp and give them to say the Batman Imaginext I got back in May.

The paint on Louie is well done. And the sculpting is really good for such a small figure. You can't see it in the pic but his vest has all kinds of chains,buttons and other stuff sculpted into it.

Here is another Imaginext figure. I have named him Nok Nok the caveman. Imaginext has a dinosaur line and Nok Nok is from that set. The dinosaur he rides has a lever that makes his mouth open and close. And over all has decent articulation. And great paint and sculpting. Nok Nok comes with the mask that is made to look like it was made out of bone. No clue what these normally cost. But I got mine on clearance for $2.

And the last figure. It is Doc Brown from Back to the Future. This is from the Funko made ReAction line of action figures.I really like how these are made to look like the old Kenner Star Wars figures I collected as a kid. And like those figures they don't have much articulation. Doc Brown has joints at his hips,shoulders and neck. But that is all the old Star Wars figures had. The sculpting and paint is much better than those old Kenner figures were. And his only accessory is the toolkit he has in his left hand. Now normally these are 10 bucks each. Which is way more than I would pay. I caught this on sale for $5 and it is worth that much to me. There is only 4 figures in the ReAction Back to the Future line. They had all 4 in the store. And I was tempted to get them all. But ended up finding some other stuff I wanted more.