Sunday, October 16, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 16 Splatter Farm(DVD edition)

Title-Splatter Farm
Source-Camp Motion Picutres DVD

After having heard about this movie for years I finally saw it a few years back. An Aunt got me the dvd for x-mas. Didn't realize until I watched it with the director's commentary that the DVD version is missing scenes that were in the hard to find VHS release. The Polinia Brothers claim the VHS release was a rough cut. Plus they didn't have permission of some of the people in the cut scenes.

Shot on VHS back in the late 80s,Splatter Farm was a film that I heard so much talk about when I doubt most of my friends had even seen it. Released by Donna Michelle video the vhs was hard to find back then and now if you do find a copy it cost close to 100 bucks for the vhs.

As far as the DVD it is easy to get cheap. And loaded down with more than enough extras to make up for getting a slightly different edit of the film. Not only is there the previously mentioned directors commentary. But also right at an hour of their short films,which have an optional director's commentary. And a featurette where the two brothers travel back to where they filmed Splatter Farm.

The movie...well it is OK for what it is. Which is a low budget shoot on video movie that was made by two brothers in their teens with an off the shelf VHS camcorder. Some of the gore effects are pretty good. And it is barely over an hour long.

Splatter Farm(DVD edition) gets an C+.