Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 11 Silent Night Deadly Night 3 Better Watch Out!

Title-Silent Night Deadly Night 3 Better Watch Out !
Source-IVE VHS

This is the last of the Silent Night Deadly Night franchise to have any connection to the previous films.Ricky survived being shot in the last film. Now he is played by Bill Mosley and has what appears to be a clear plastic salad bowl on his head. But Ricky is in a coma. So is doctor brings in a blind psychic woman. And somehow her presence causes Ricky to come out of his coma.

After a great first film,and a dumb but fun second film,part 3 is a major letdown. It isn't so stupid it is entertaining like part 2. It isn't near as sleazy as the original. The only thing that makes this movie stand out at all is the cast. Besides Bill Mosley as Ricky,you got Robert Culp as a cop. Plus a young Laura Harring in what I think is her first major acting role.

Silent Night Deadly Night 3 Better Watch Out! gets a D+.