Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 248 Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #02

TITLE-Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #02
PUBLISHER-Boom Studios

Really this just seems to be a set up issue. We see more of Jax and Opie as kids. Plus the Sons dealing how to get rid of the heroin they were recently given.

Clay goes to check on the guy that gave them the smack,and finds his home ransacked and lots of blood. While at the same time Jax and Opie are getting trashed and hanging with a friend. Jax starts to talk a little bit too much about club business. Then has a violent outburst and beats the fuck out of the friend.

I need to find out if this is going to be a limited series or a ongoing series. It is reading like it is a ongoing.

Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #02 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 247 Nemesis #01

TITLE-Nemesis #01
PUBLISHER-Icon an imprint of Marvel Comics

I heard about this series when it was coming out. But expecting delays between  issues I waited till it was finished to get it. Then it ended up in the bottom of the stack for a bit.

A guy dressed all in white,Nemesis,is in Japan with some big shot cop hostage. Seems Nemesis loves taking down police.

Back in the States a hero cop from DC gets a note. Saying that he will die soon. And to prove his point Nemesis manages to ,by the air,take control of Air Force One. Then take the President hostage.But we get a few clues as to why Nemesis doesn't like cops. And that maybe this DC hero cop is connected to Nemesis's past.

Mark Millar shows me once again why I have been a fan of his work since his short run on Swamp Thing volume 1. Steve McNiven is a great artist.

Nemesis #01 gets a buy.