Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 056 DAMN! Why did I write this book

TITLE-Damn! Why did I write this book

For those that don't know JTG is a wrestler that is best known for being under WWE contract for years and rarely appearing on TV. Just recently he wrote a short,about 60 pages,ebook. Full of stories about his time in the WWE.

It is obvious a few pages into the book that JTG doesn't want to go back to WWE.So unlike lots of wrestling bio books,he doesn't hold his tongue.

There is so many great stories in the book. Most of them about JTG's tag team partner Shad. My favorite is one about how Shad showed up for a show wearing a very nice suit. Shad and JTG run into Triple H,who is the bosses daughter. HHH makes a comment about Shad's nice suit. And Shad replies with "I am just wearing it to impress you!"

JTG also goes into detail about WWE's infamous wrestler's court. Where to settle various disputes,the wrestlers form their own judge and jury. I had already read a bit about wrestler's court in Hardcore Holly's book. But JTG goes into much more detail.

So if you are a fan of modern wrestling and want a cheap,fast and funny read grab a copy of this e-book.

Damn! Why did I write this book gets a 4.68 outta 5.