Thursday, October 27, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 27 Pop Punk Zombies

Title-Pop Punk Zombies
Source-Kings of Horror Youtube stream of Pop Punk Zombies

Last year I got clued in on the Kings of Horror Youtube Channel. They post at least 3 indy horror movies a week. And it is thanks to their service that I have gotten more people to see the "greatness" that is Vampeggedon.

Earlier I was wondering what I was gonna watch for today. Found a flash drive that I had filled up months back with various horror films off the Kings of Horror channel. Realizing I haven't watched a zombie movie in a good bit I started Pop Punk Zombies.

The film starts with our very Clerks-like leads eating lunch. The twitchy,I am guessing he is suppose to be on speed ,waiter sells them two tickets to the upcoming Vicious Vegans show.They end up going to the show and surprise the bands gimmick of being zombies isn't a gimmick. It is real they are zombies.

Going into the film I kept in mind this was a low budget film. The acting was a bit better than I usually get in indy horror. The effects are decent.And the film moves at a decent pace and never gets boring.

Pop Punk Zombies gets a B.