Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Library Booksale Haul March 2015

Dropped $4 this time. But grabbed 4 armfuls.

Another unofficial games strategy guide. Covering lots of SNES games. Each game gets at the most 3 sentences of strategies. So it isn't that helpful.

Read Lemons never lie late last year,it was written by Westlake under a pen name. I enjoyed it so figured for 10 cents I would take a chance on another book from him. Seems to be a comedy/mystery book.

Seems to be a horror/comedy novel. Never heard of the author,it would be cool if it was Mark Henry the pro wrestler. It had on the cover  Dollar General $1 price sticker. And later the day I bought this I saw copies at the run down Dollar General in the down town area.

The cover reminds me of the 5th Wild Cards novel. Hell when I saw it from a few shelves over I thought it was that book in hardcover. I was actually a fan of Clinton,but thought this would be a decent laugh.

And to counter balance the previous book I got this book.For various reasons I wasn't a fan of Mr Bush. I think the first time he ran I wrote in Jesse Ventura.Second time I wrote in Steve Rogers. Yep voted for a fictional character.

Thankfully I had a list of my dvds/blu rays with me. Checked it and I don't own Creepshow in any format. Haven't tried it out yet. But for 25 cents if it doesn't work I will display the box with the few other VHS I have held onto.

Yep 3rd month in a row I found a Buffy book. This is the first book of the series I got the last book of last month. I am hoping the second book in the series will show up. If not I will grab a used copy online.

Never seen the film,but I have enjoyed Priest's comic book work.

I love the movie. One thing I don't like about the book is it in in that over sized paperback form. Which makes shelving it a pain in the ass.

Been wanting to read more Thompson. Read Fear and loathing in Las Vegas years ago. But really don't remember much about it.

Remember in the early to mid 90s when Virtual Reality was the big thing various companies kept promising us? This appears to be the instruction book to a PC Virtual Reality headset. I haven't even looked to see if the discs mentioned on the upper right corner are in the book. And with how old this is I doubt they would work on any computer I have.

Years ago when I was working a job where they just needed a warm body sitting in a chair for 8 hour shifts I read at least 12 of the Cat Who mystery series. Until recently I had kind of forgotten about this series of fun books. This is as the cover states a guide to the series.It looked like someone gave the library an complete run of this series. Because besides this I found 20+ of the novels.

From the early 80s so I am sure it will be full of Cold War scare tactics.

When I saw this I thought Art was the guy who did Candid Camera. Turns out he did Kids say the darnest things. But I usually enjoy bios.

Sure I have read this before. But I don't own it. Grizzard was the last newspaper columnist I read. I was buying the Jackson county paper just to read his stuff. Once he passed I quit reading the newspaper.

A book about Hunter S THompson. So another Bio for cheap.