Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 101 Stairway to Hell

TITLE-Stairway to Hell
AUTHOR-Chuck Eddy
FORMAT-Oversized paperback

Back when this came out in 91 I got a copy. But during one of my moves I lost it. I had actually forgotten about it,until I saw it on Amazon. And was just given it as a gift about a week ago.

Chuck starts the book off explaining why he chose the albums he did. And this is needed,cause there is lots of albums listed that most people wouldn't consider metal. Like The Osmonds,Run DMC,Bon Jovi and other stuff.

Going back now and re-reading this there is more bands that I know of than when I first got it back in the early 90s. Hell I now have a list of albums I want to track down.

The album reviews are entertaining. Even when it is bands I don't like. Really my only complaint is the #1 album. Never have been a fan of Led Zep. And think IV is one of the most over-rated albums of all time.

Stairway to Hell gets a 3.89 outta 5.