Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 169 Dark Knight III The Master Race #04

TITLE-Dark Knight III The Master Race #04

After a bit of a delay issue 4 is out. Most of the issue is Lara vs Superman. And once the Kandorians defeat Superman,they give an ultimatum,turn over Batman or they will wipe Gotham off the face of the Earth.

In the back up story,Carrie Kelly is now Batgirl. And is off on a mission Bruce sent her on. Lots of good fights scenes,then she gets rescued by Aquaman. And the dreaded to be continued appears.

This was decent. But I really am feeling like I should have just waited till it was over and grabbed a trade of it. Damn you Miller.BTW best of luck with your health issues sir.

Dark Knight III The Master Race #04 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 168 Kid N Play #09

TITLE- Kid N Play #09

With the final issue of the pretty damn good KiD N Play comic we get a fun crossover with lots of the Marvel heroes.

Play has just lost his woman. So is staying in his room. Kid and another friend come over to cheer him up. And they brought a coupon for a free delivery pizza plus a stack of Marvel comics. Play tells them thanks but then asks them to leave.

A bit later Play is hungry so he orders the pizza. After pigging out on what looks like a great pizza Play falls asleep. And in his dreams is where the Marvel Heroes crossover starts.

First up Hulk knocks on Play's front door. Then punches Play so hard he flies way out of the city. And once Play gets out of the trench his body created on the landing,he runs into the early 90s X-men team.

Play gets away from them,but runs into Venom in the sewers.Who throws him away. He lands in another part of the sewers,where Wolverine,Punisher and Ghost Rider happen to be. The heroes fight over who gets to I guess kill Play,still not sure why the heroes all want to kill him.

Plays escapes the trio and makes it home. But pretty soon the Avengers,FF and X-factor surround his house. Using dream logic Play ends up in armor and armed with a lightsaber fighting himself.He wakes up from this dream and lets the readers know he is better now.

Kind of a neat but odd way to end this series. It reads a bit like the new Archie and Jughead comics read. In that it is written for a 14 year old or older,but can still be read by younger kids.

Kid N Play #09 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 167 Old Man Logan #05

TITLE-Old Man Logan #05

Seems we have skipped ahead at least a month or so. Logan has been living with the X-men,who now have the X-mansion in the Limbo dimension. He leaves and ends up in the Northwest territory area of Canada.

Then towards the end of the issue we learn not only what happened to Logan after he killed the X-men in his world,but also when he met the woman he ended up marrying.

Old Man Logan #05 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 166 Old Man Logan #04

TITLE-Old Man Logan #04

Steve Rogers and Hawkeye take out Logan. And then take him to where the 616 Wolverine is buried. Thus proving to Logan that this isn't the past of his universe. And Logan goes off. Just drifting around. Until one night he runs into a Sentinal and two old friends.

This issue was good. But not as good as the previous 3. I knew that one day soon Logan would learn this isn't his universe. But didn't expect it to happen this soon.

Old Man Logan #04 gets a borrow.