Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 228 Hero Alliance #04

TITLE-Hero Alliance #04

Back in the mid 90s I found a few issues of Hero Alliance in the cheap bins. And I really enjoyed those issues. So since then anytime I find issues for cheap I grab them.

One thing that stood out about Hero Alliance is how the issues were more about what happens before and after the big battles most superheroes get into.

This issue starts off with two men robbing an elderly lady's apartment. The old lady sees them and they run away. On the rooftop they get confronted by this world's version of Batman. One of the men ends up falling to his death from the roof. Which of course brings heat on the team.

The art and story is pretty good. Now I am gonna try to track down the rest of the series.

Hero Alliance gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 227 Joe Lansdale's The Drive In #01

TITLE-Joe Lansdale's The Drive In #01

I really need to track the book this is based on down. Set in Texas,this issue is ths story of 4 friends. Who all goto the Friday night Horror movie marathon at the local Drive In.But this is no ordinary drive in,it can hold 4 thousand cars. Has 6 screens.

Then during the second film a comet streaks across the sky.Instead of hitting the ground it turns away at the last minute. The drive in is surrounded by a pudding like fog.The people quickly discover that anyone that enters the fog doesn't come back.So with that revelation the issue ends.

I read this mini a few years ago. After getting the 2nd or 3rd issue in a big random lot of comics I won on Ebay.

Joe Lansdale's The Drive In #01 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 226 Artifacts volume #01

TITLE-Artifacts Volume 01

This digital trade contains the first 5 issues of the 13 issue long Artifacts mini series. Before reading this I had read the FCBD zero issue. And a few scattered issue of the Darkness and Witchblade.

Kind of surprised that even though I really don't know much about the history of the Top Cow universe,I was still able to read and really enjoy this trade.

There are 13 artifacts of power in the Top Cow Universe. And someone is trying to collect all 13 and use them to remake the world.

While all that is going on we get stuff like Witchblade's daughter gets kidnapped. The Curator gets beat up. Plus lots of history on the various artifact owners.

I like how the Top Cow universe has a nice blending of science fiction,dark fantasy and horror. It is so different than most other comic universes.

Artifacts Volume 01 gets a buy.