Friday, June 26, 2015

Milltown Antique Mall finds part 2

 Yep back with more stuff I found at the Milltown Antique Mall.

Warlock 5 #10
I had heard about this black and white series from Aircel for years. Created by the infamous Barry Blair. It was one of the bigger hits of the b/w comic explosion of the mid 80s. The art is pretty nice for the era. Sadly the story isn't nothing special.
Thriller #3
This is another 80s series I have heard about and wanted to read. The Trevor Von Eeden art is great. And I thought the story was well done.With this series only lasting 12 issues I shouldn't have much trouble tracking down the remaining 11 issues.
Freex #6
When the Ultraverse started I read Sludge and Prime. Over the past 10 years I have been slowly collecting the other Ultraverse series. Freex is one that I have found many issues of. And really enjoyed it. They are a group of young adults with various powers. Feeling like outcasts they band together. This issue also has Nightman in it. 
Firearm #8
The Dan Brereton cover is what caught my eye while I was digging thru the box of comics. Firearm was one of the better received Ultraverse titles. All I really remember about Firearm was issue 0 came with a VHS tape. Which had a short Firearm movie on it. 
Overstreet Update
Before there was the Internet and monthly comic price guides all you had was the annual Overstreet price guide. A few times a year they would publish an update. Which contained the titles that the prices had changed the most on. I grabbed this just to see what prices were like in the mid 80s. Plus I love the Shatter cover. Shatter was the first comic done on a computer. And was huge at one time.

I grabbed these two WWF compilation vhs cheap. I doubt there is anything on either tape that isn't out on DVD now. But at 50 cents a tape I figured what the hell. Eve of Destruction has the matches clipped. But Most Memorable Matches of 2000 has the matches uncut. I need to hook my VCR back up to check out these tapes.