Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 079 Cinema Sewer volume 3

TITLE-Cinema Sewer volume 3
AUTHOR-Robin Bougie and others
FORMAT-Trade paperback

Thanks to DVDmaniacs I discovered Robin Bougie and his amazing zine Cinema Sewer. Published once a year CS covers cult,exploitation,horror and even classic porn films. Every few years Bougie collects the best stuff from the magazine and this material is made into a nice book.

I pre-ordered this volume straight from Robin. By pre-ordering I got a custom sketch. That Robin did on a bookplate then pasted in the front of the book. I thought long and hard about what I wanted. Knowing Robin gets asked to do all kinds of crazy and sleazy sketches. Then I remembered that David Lynch was offered the job of directing Return of the Jedi. So I told Mr Bougie "Hey what if David Lynch directed Jedi." Robin told me he had to think for a long time about what to sketch from my idea. And once he had done it he showed it to his wife. Who found the sketch unnerving.
Yep it is "the man from another place" as an Ewok.

But how is the book? Well it is great. With my favorite thing the 12 page article on Cannon films. I am pretty sure this is one of the new articles Bougie created for the book. The morning the book came in I was flipping channels and saw the movie "Undercover" was airing on one of the movie channels. It looked interesting so I set the DVR. I go check my mail and was reading the Cannon article. And Bougie mentions Undercover. Saying he has always wanted to see the film. So I jumped online and sent him and email saying I had it and would make him a dvd-r of it.

Another fun article is on the movie career of singer Vanity. I had no idea she had been in so many films. The various drawings Bougie and others did to go with the article range from laugh out loud funny to HOLY FUCK THAT IS AMAZING.

A word of warning. Since Bougie covers lots of non-child friendly cinema this isn't a book you want to leave laying around if you have kids. But if like me you enjoy oddball and sleazy cinema it is a book you should own.

Cinema Sewer volume 3 gets a 4.55 outta 5.