Tuesday, October 6, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 EXTRA Gummy Body Parts Candy from Frankford

I was trying to find boxes of the three monster cereals Sunday. There was a place on the shelf for them. But they had never hit the store. So went to see if any candy they had caught my eyes. Plus I was in charge of buying the "bag of candy incase we have trick or treaters(They have had a total of 15 over the course of 12 years)but get stuff we like".

Found the Gummy Body Parts candy I have grabbed the last few years. Always loved gummies. And these are usually pretty good.

Instead of pictures I just did video.

The song playing in the background is The Browns-American Werewolf in Calgary. AFAIK they broke up a few years back. And only released 2 albums.But if you want a kind of poppy horror rock the Browns are a good choice.

And I tried each piece. The song in the background is Sex in the cementary by The Accelerators. The brain and eyeball gummies are the most flavorful of all of them.The bowl I was placing them in is a Sesame Street bowl I got when I was 2 ,so is from the mid 70s.

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 06 Black Sheep

Black Sheep
Source-Dimension Extreme Unrated DVD

Back when the Weinsteins started up the Dimension Extreme label because the films were usually cheap I grabbed everyone of them I found. And Black Sheep turned out to be the best of all the ones I grabbed.

Set in the rural areas of New Zealand,this is  a tale of mutated flesh eating sheep. Yeah sheep.Once a guy who is afraid of sheep comes back to sell his share of the family farm the shit hits the fan.Seems his brother has been performing genetic experiments on the sheep.

This is a nice combo of creature feature plus the gore/comedy stuff Peter Jackson use to do. To offset all the gore there is so much humor in this movie. And the humor is what makes this stand out. When this came out the DTV market was flooded with piles of modern creature features that had subpar CGI for the creatures. Black Sheep has decently done CGI and some great practical FX work.

The DVD has a nice amount of extras. We get some deleted scenes that can be watched with or without commentary. A film long commentary with writer/director Jon King and actor Nathan Meister. And a halfway decent making of Black Sheep featurette. IIRC this DVD was $7.50 brand new and is totally worth that price.

Black Sheep gets a B.