Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What cha reading for Wednesday 11/12/2014

Thanks to Eugene on Walking Dead I have been listening to lots of Bill Hicks recently. So I am attempting another regular feature here. That I will more than likely do 3 or 4 times get bored with it and never mention it again :P

At last count,over 2 years ago, I own over 400 books that I haven't read. And I am always buying new books. I can't pass up a decent looking book that is a buck or less. So I am attempting to read 20 books in 2 months. I have read 3 so far in November.

I am on page 169 of 221 of "Lemons never Lie". Which is written by Donald E. Westlake under his pen name Richard Stark.

Alan Grofield runs a summer stock theater in a tiny rural town. To get the money to keep the theater open he is the crowd control man for various groups of professional criminals. After opting out of a job early on in the novel,mostly because it just doesn't feel right,Grofield is desperate for money.

This is the first thing from Westlake/Stark I have read. I had heard of his series of Parker novels. Which is where Grofield first appeared. I did some research and there is 4 or 5 Grofield novels. With Lemons Never Lie being the final one. And it being sort of the oddball of the series. The previous ones have more of a humorous approach compared to Stark's Parker novels. This one has very very little humor. Each night for the past 3 nights before bed I have laid down and read a chapter or two. I love the fast pace of each chapter and have to force myself to put it down each night.

This novel is part of the Hardcase Crime line of paperbacks.While the cover price of $6.99 for a bit over 200 pages is high,I found this one for a buck at Dollar General. I see various books from this line at the dollar stores all the time. Never costing more than $1.25. For that price Lemons Never Lie is a hell of deal.