Monday, November 7, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 261 CyberRad #03

TITLE-CyberRad #03
PUBLISHER-Continuity Comics

Our lead,CyberRad,fights a few robots and learns he is a robot like human. While all this is going on we get filled in on a bit of backstory to our lead's love interest. Plus a few small clues to CyberRad's past,like that his name is Simon.

Neal Adams gets credit for plot and layouts.Peter Stone gets the scripting credit.Then Richard Bennett handles the penciling and inking job. Finally Neal Adams' son Cory does the colors. The colors are good,not as good as they would get at Continuity later on in the 90s. The art looks good and has a nice flow to it.

Unlike the some Continuity Comics stuff I have read,this one made sense even with me jumping into it with the 3rd issue. I do own the next two issues in this volume of CyberRad.Might read them soon.

CyberRad #03 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 260 Earth 4 #02

TITLE-Earth 4 #02
Publisher-Continuity Comics

No real clue where in the Deathwatch 2000 crossover this issue falls. Mostly cause I haven't read much of the Deathwatch 2000 crossover. Really outside of Crazyman I haven't read much from Continuity. I remember seeing them on every newstand in the late 80s and early 90s. But they were always priced way higher than the stuff from Archie,Marvel and DC. So I never bought them. But now that I find them for a buck or less I have been slowly building up a nice stack of random issues from various Continuity series.

Earth 4 are a team of elementals. Urth is a rock looking guy that is somehow now infected with radiation. Him and the rest of the team are at a nuclear power plant that has started melting down. They somehow stop it,really I had no clue what was going on half the time.Between the nice looking but very low on story telling style art and the feeling that I just got dropped into part 20 of a 24 part movie serial.

Aron Weisenfeld handles the pencils.Richard Bennett does the inks,and Tom Roberts does the color. The color was always so good at Continuity. So bright and not muddy like the color at the big 2.The art is pretty but has a bunch of flaws that I bet are cause of the lack of experience from the penciler and inker.

On the other side,Neal Adams gets credited for plot.Peter Stone gets story credit. I do wonder if this issue would make anymore sense after reading the previous issues and crossovers cause of Deathwatch 2000.

For the 50 cents to a buck I paid for the was worth that price for the art and that super busy cover.

Earth 4 #02 gets a borrow.