Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 015 Feral #01

TITLE-Ferals #01

Thanks to the Rock Shock Pop forums I found out about this David Lapham series from Avatar.

Set in a small town. Were there is only 3 police,Ferals is about the discovered of a dead body and the local cops trying to figure out who did it.

Our lead is a drunk,womanizing,young cop. Who near the end of the issue has one of his women attacked by a werewolf. He tries to stop it and gets his ass handed too him.

Ferals #01 gets a Borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 014 Crossed:Badlands #091

TITLE-Crossed:Badlands #91

This is the start of a new story line. Max Bemis is back from the previous storyline. And he has come up with another interesting setup. When the Crossed outbreak happened a female indy comic creator got stuck in a shop ran by 3 Comic Book Guys.

After a few weeks they start demanding she create a weekly comic since they have already read everything in the shop.If she does she will get better treatment.

With Crossed either you like it or you don't. While some stories are much better than others,it never drops below a read for me.

Crossed:Badlands #91 gets a Buy.