Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 172 Moon Knight #01

TITLE-Moon Knight #01

So once again we get a revamping of Marc Spector,and another Moon Knight #01. This time with Jeff Lemire handing the writing.

What I gathered from this issue Marc is in the nut house.And from what we are told all the previous Moon Knight adventures were just doodlings in Marc's journal.

Then one day in the rec room Marc sees a news report on Moon Knight. Who the night before,while Marc was getting electroshock treatment,was out fighting Stained Glass Scarlett.

That night Khonshu speaks to Marc. And he makes an escape attempt. But the last page just leads us the reader into thinking Marc is just flat out insane.

Yeah this has caught my attention enough I will read at least 2 or 3 more issues. Kind of wanting to see where Lemire takes this Marc is insane angle.

Moon Knight #01 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 171 Grizzlyshark #01

TITLE-Grizzlyshark #01

The title caught my eye so I had to check this out. Father and son are out in the woods camping. And get attacked by the Grizzlyshark.

We cut away to a group of large creature exterminators. Who thanks to a faulty A/C and some bad driving end up covered in Cinnamon bear ice cream.

Thankfully that is also the one thing that repels the Grizzlyshark. So the exterminators think they are safe. Then it starts to rain.

Grizzlyshark #01 reads like a 80s DTV creature feature. Sure it is kind of brain dead,and a bit silly. But it also is really entertaining.

Grizzlyshark #01 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 170 Dumm 2099 #01

TITLE-Dumm 2099 #01
PUBLISHER-Parody Press

Under the Bill Maus cover is a horrid piece of shit. Seems Parody Press had all their 2099 parodies crossing over. And if you buy them all the covers form some kind of crappy image.

The story is shit. Pure shit. The art looks like stuff a bored 13 year old doodled in class. And charging $2.99 for this shit....WTF.

Dumm 2099 #01 gets a PASS!