Thursday, October 13, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 13 Lords of Salem

Title-Lords of Salem
Source-Anchor Bay DVD

Sherri Moon Zombie is a recovering drug addict and a radio DJ. She gets a mysterious package in. In it is an album. After playing the album shit starts to get weird.

This was Rob Zombie's 5th live action film. Which never played anywhere near me so I had to wait on it to hit DVD to see it.It was worth the wait.

The story,which is hard as fuck to figure out,means very little in this film. Inspired by lots of 70s Euro-horror this is a film all about the visuals. Sure there is a story,but it is the visuals that you should be paying attention too.

It shows that Zombie is a big Euro-horror fan. While watching it I was constantly thinking "OK here is his Argento shot,look now it is a Fulci shot. Wait was that a Matei shot?" And I have notice the people that didn't like this film usually are not fans of Euro-horror.

Lords of Salem gets a B+