Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 017 Succulent Prey

2015 Reading Challenge 017 Succulent Prey by Wrath James White
BOOK TITLE-Succulent Prey
AUTHOR-Wrath James White
FORMAT-paperback book
COST-75 cents

Before buying this novel I had heard of Mr White but had never read any of his fiction. I was down in Diberville Mississippi. Where there is this great antique mall. Which has in the back corner of the building  a great used bookstore. Where most paperbacks are $1.50 each or even cheaper the more you buy.The guy who owns that store happened to be there that day. And he noticed I already had my arms full of books and still had at least 5 more shelves to look at. "Hey sir,when ever you are ready to check out come find me. If you buy all those books you got in your arms I will cut you a deal." I asked what the deal was,and it boiled down to I would get the normal sized paperbacks for 75 cents,oversized paperbacks for a buck and any hardcovers I wanted for $1.50. Armed with the knowledge of cheap books I spent over an hour looking at the shelves I hadn't checked out yet.This was happening around the time Leisure fiction was declaring bankruptcy and rumors I kept hearing was lots of my favorite horror authors,who worked for Leisure,were gonna have huge chunks of their books going out of print. And they had no idea when they would get the rights back so they could put them back into print. So I was grabbing any horror fiction from Leisure that either I liked the author but didn't own the book. Or if it was an author I had heard lots of good about.

I had heard so  much about Wrath James White. All about how his books captured the feel of the late 80's/early 90s splatterpunk movement in horror fiction. And how he refused to censor himself. Which might be the reason why most of his books are published by tiny publishers. Who want to charge 15 bucks for a 200 page paperback. Then the book quickly goes out of print and now it is $40 or more for that thin ass book.

I saw the familiar Leisure horror logo on the spine of the book. Looked closer and saw the author was Mr White and I knew I had to have it.

Succulent Prey is about a college student. All seems normal with him. He is popular and handsome.Makes good grades and has his choice of most of the females on the college campus. He though has a darkside that he keeps hidden. He has since he was very young had an urge to eat human flesh. So far he has kept this urge under control. Then he finds an online message board all about cannibalism. After this he starts having erection issues. In that he can't keep his penis hard unless he is fantasizing about eatting which ever woman he has in his bed room.

He finds a local sex club and for a short while engaging in the various BDSM activities helps keep his taste for "long pig" at bay. Then he meets the woman of his dreams. She is very smart and pretty. Plus has a thick body. With lots of meat in all the right places. The first time they have sex he ends up biting her fairly hard on her breast,which causes him to instantly have an intense orgasm. But it also triggers a memory of his father and something that was kept hidden in the family basement.

So our protagenist along with his woman head out to track down his father. But our leads taste for human flesh keeps getting stronger. And Wrath James White goes into great detail about what all our lead wants to do to his woman and most other people he encounters on his journey to find his father.

Now I have a strong stomach. It is really rare that a piece of fiction upsets my stomach. This novel almost made me throw up 3 different times. Even after that I have now read the book 3 times. And plan on getting ahold of some more books from Mr White
Succulent Prey gets a 4 outta 5.