Saturday, February 6, 2016

Third times the charm at Vendor's Emporium

Yeah time one again to head to Vendor's Emporium. I had woke up with,what I found out hours later,was a broken eyelash stuck behind the upper lid on right eye. So went to Vendors to try to take my mind off my watering,itching eye.

I had just taken the camera out of my shirt pocket to take a picture when one of the  ladies there asked me what I was doing. I explained it and she asked me to not take pictures. But the only thing I wish I had a picture of that I didn't buy was a sealed boxed 90s Toy Biz X-men Danger Room playset. It had no price on it besides a Toy's r Us clearance sticker of 8 bucks. I am sure they wanted more. Anyways I did grab something from this booth. Stuck in the middle of all the $5 to $8 90s Extreme/Image comics was this.
This has been here for over a year. But the price was too high. They had dropped it to a reasonable price and I couldn't pass up that John Buscema cover. It's from early 72 so a but older than me. Not mint,but fairly close to near mint. Ended up being the most expensive thing I grabbed.

I walk down and notice the huge booth wth everything camo was gone. The corner booth that was always books was gone. Lots of empty spaces.

Then I hit the back corner and see the comics had been restocked. But had two things on the toy shelf that caught my eye.First I saw a snackbag sized baggie with 3 toys in it.One of which was this.
This tiny Thing has articulation at the shoulders and neck. And good detailing on the rocks. But there was 2 other figures in the bag.
I am assuming this is some kind of dollar store wrestler. Decent articulation on it. And the baggie also had.
Yeah sorry this figure sucks so much I couldn't get a good picture of it. It looks like either it is from the GI Joe ripoff line The CORPS.Or came with one of them Dollar General SWAT team and van sets you see every year around X-mas. Didn't matter. It was all three in the baggie for a buck. I would have paid a buck you for The Thing.

The comics were one set price. No discount if you bought a bunch. But the price was good.I just went thru and grabbed stuff either I had heard was good or looked interesting.
Yep its the first two issues of the Frank Cho Shanna the She Devil mini. I love Cho's art so at the cheap price I didn't mind only getting two issues.
And found the last two issues of the DC Space Ghost mini series. I seemed to remember hearing a rights issue has prevented this from getting a new trade printing. Plus the covered look great.
The Brave and the Bold is a run I kept hearing great things about. And I wanted to see how Batman would team up with LOSH.The Secret files and Origins for Nightwing I thought would be a fun read.
The Secret Six is #1 of the 2006 series. Which again I heard good stuff about. The Dreadnoks declassified had a cool cover. And the Dreadnoks were always my favorite part of the RAH era of GI Joe.
The box was almost all DC. So finding the Captain America was a neat find. The comic on the right is Shi Poisoned Paradise #2 which was published 10 years or so ago by Avatar.

The Green Hornet is to fill a hole in my run of that title. And I rarely see the series outside cons. The Robin Hood is a Peter Pan Book and Record. Missing the record sadly. But it is a comic that you would put on a 45 RPM record and the comic was read to you. A neat concept that I am surprised hasn't been tried in years.

So I put the rest of the comics from the bin that I don't want back up. And glance behind all the Nascar models on the toy shelf and find.
It is Donatello from the newish NICK cartoon. Looks like he was barely played with but has none of the accessories. He was cheap.I figured this would be all I found. I round the corner. Where the guy that has the toys and comics keeps some more expensive glassware and sometimes old newspapers and magazines. And I find something .

Yep a Peter Pan Book and Record of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.I see it is priced higher than the comics.So I open it up and see why.

Yep it still has the 45 in it. And it looks to be in great shape. Not that I have anything I could play a 45 on.

Overall not a bad trip to Vendors. The comics all look decent. The Thing toy was great. Same with the Book and Record set. I do hope some of the now empty booths get replaced with at least one that deals in books.