Thursday, October 23, 2014

31 Days of Horror Day 23 Tales of the Dead Grim Stories of curses,horror and gore

Tales of the Dead
Freakshow Cinema 12 movie pack from Mill Creek Entertainment

5 long time friends gather on Halloween to tell scary stories. I have always had a fondness for horror anthology films. Much like I love collections of horror novellas and short stories. From listening to the various accents I must assume the cast is mostly from the UK .

The first story is about a middle age woman that is unhappy with her body. She goes to see a plastic surgeon who tells her can not do the surgery she wants. At the end we find out she wants her limbs removed. And now has found someone to do it. We see someone armed with a saw cutting her legs off. Not bad really. Wasn't too short,wasn't too long.

The second story is about a teenager that daydreams a bunch. Once funny scene has him in the shower thinking he is getting attacked Psycho style. And it is just his mom handing him a bottle of shampoo.

The rest of the stories are very forgettable.Really I just finished watching it and can't remember shit about them. If my math is right,and since I went to Mississippi public schools I doubt it is,this film cost me around 44 cents.

Tales of the Dead gets a F+.