Thursday, December 31, 2015

The 2016 comic book reading challenge

Since not only did I have fun doing my 2015 reading challenge,but I also managed to get a nice amount of my unread books read. Plus helped raise some money for charity,I wanted to do another reading based challenge this year.

I was thinking do I do the reading challenge again but set my goal higher? Nah,I rather do something different. Then it hit me. Almost every day I read at least one comic.Between my massive physical collection,my local library,friends and digital comics I have millions of comics to read.

So for 2016 here is my challenge.

1.I must read at least 365 comics in the year.
2.Like with the 2015 challenge,I will post a short review of each comic.
3.I am gonna try to read more stuff I have never read than re-read comics I have read before.

As for giving each comic a score,stealing an idea from Comic Geek Speak. I am using their buy borrow ,pass option.

Buy-This is a comic that I have to own.
Borrow-Worth reading but instead of paying for it see if a friend has a copy you can borrow.
Pass-Don't even bother borrowing this.