Wednesday, October 7, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 07 Delta Delta Die!

Delta Delta Die!
Source-Full Moon Slashers 101 DVD

Back in 2004,it was a Friday night. And I didn't feel like going out. Had some friends over,so our plan was to split a 12 pack of beer and watch a cheesy horror film none of us had seen before. I walked across the street to the Hollywood Video store. Looked thru the kind of small horror DVD section. And grabbed Delta Delta Die!,now I could lie and say I grabbed it cause it is a slasher and I love slashers. But there was 4 drunk guys,plus me,wanting to see a cheesy horror film. And this being from Full Moon and having Brinke Stevens,Julie Strain and Tiffany Shepis I was sure it would be cheesy.

After that viewing I kind of forgot about Delta Delta Die.Not because it was a bad film,but mostly cause I had been really drunk when I watched it. So back this past summer I was waiting on someone to finish their shopping at one of the many Dollar Generals in my area. To kill time I was digging thru their DVD bins. Saw the above pictured DVD and it was only $7. And with each film having it's own disc I figured it was worth the price.

The film is about a college sorority. Where the sisters like to entice men over ,then eat them.So for right at 90 minutes we get scene after scene of the sisters getting various men to come over. Usually by promising the guys sex. Then the guys get killed and eaten.

The acting is decent. With Ms Shepis doing a great job. The FX work isn't bad. This came out at a time when Full Moon was struggling so most of their films had a real low budget look to them at the time. Not this one. It looks like something Lionsgate would have given a theatrical release. Really the main drawback to this film is it is about 15 minutes too long. Before most of the kills the sister that got the guy/guys to come over will do a strip tease. And all of these could have been cut down by a minute or so . That would have improved the pacing greatly.

Delta Delta Die! gets a C.