Thursday, June 30, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 202 Dark Knight III The Master Race #05

TITLE-Dark Knight III The Master Race #05

The main story is the Kandorians attacking Gotham. And how Batman always has a plan. He has seeded the clouds over Gotham with the synthetic Kryptonite. So when the attack happens Batman causes it to rain and now the Kandorians are majorly weakened.

Carrie is out with Aquaman trying to find where Superman is trapped. They find him and free him. And in the last page of the main story we get Supes in a suit of armor backing up Batman as the real battle with the Kandorians has started.

The back up story,well it was kind of boring. Superman and Wonder Woman's daughter is out with one of the Kandorians. Even the art looks boring. This is the worst of the back up stories so far.

Dark Knight III The Master Race #05 gets a buy.