Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 218 Crossed Badlands #100

TITLE-Crossed Badlands #100

Yeah I know  I never posted a review of issue 99. Really because while it was good all I had to say about it was what I had been saying for the past few issues. This story seemed to be building up to this big reveal.

Well we don't get that. In this extra long issue there is the normal length story. Then the rest of the issue is piles of Jacen Burrows art.

The issue starts off 13 years after issue 99. Smokey and the human are sitting on a porch. Smokey's two wives show back up with supplies and stuff. It looks like my prediction this being the start of the smart Crossed we are seeing in Crossed +100 is right. Then a few pages later I find out I was wrong. Smokey's kid and wives turn on him. Thinking he is dead after a long fall into a river,the family heads up north. Where a supposed community of humans are. On the final page we see Smokey climbing out of the river. He grabs his ax and I assume he is heading off to kill his family.

Yep after what 5 issues of build up we get a total shitball ending. Nothing is resolved. I figured they would do something much bigger for the final issue of this series. Maybe they wanted it to end like how the original Garth Ennis story ended. Who knows.

Crossed Badlands #100 gets a pass.