Thursday, March 3, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 118 Illuminati #02

TITLE=Illuminati #02
PUBLISHER-Marvel Comics

Our new team of villains wants to break into Asgard's armory. But to do this they need to talk to a Roxxon scientist that is rumored to have developed a artificial BiFrost Bridge.

Lots of info dumping and team building in this issue. And now I actually know who is on this team. Mad Thinker,one of the wrecking crew,Black Ant,Titania and the Enchantress.

Our team heads to a bar run by the Fenris twins. Which has Paste Pot Pete as the bar tender. It actually reminds me of the Bar with No Name from the Scrounge of the Underworld storyline.

Illuminati #02 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 117 Venom Spaceknight #01

TITLE-Venom Spaceknight #01
PUBLISHER-Marvel Comics

Grabbed this cause of the Spaceknight  name. Last time I read anything with Venom it was still Eddie and he was a villain. See that now Venom is Flash Thompson and he is basically a Green Lantern style space cop/hero.

And while this introductory story is a fun read. It reads extremely fast.Which I hate when buying single issues. The art on the other hand is nice. I have heard of Ariel Olivetti,but never seen their artwork.It looks like good mid 80s Heavy Metal art. The entire issue reads a bit like a mid 80s Science fiction story in Heavy Metal but one that is toned down enough to get a PGish rating.

Venom Spaceknight #01 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 116 Archie #06

TITLE-Archie #06
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

Archie is now with Veronica.But one day while on a walk,and trying to figure out how to make it up to Betty and Jughead,he gets hit in the head with a home run softball.Which was of course hit by Betty.

The other major new plot element is Reggie trying his best to get in good with various people at the Lodge Mansion. And him finally offering Mr Lodge something he wanted.

The art is as great as it has always been. The story is great. This is one of the best damn comics coming out currently. If you ever read and enjoyed an Archie story before seriously give this new series a try. Waid keeps what made/makes Archie so fun to read and updates it enough. The art by Veronica Fish is so very different from the normal Archie house style,which seems is only being used on the Double Digest issues,but I can tell who each character is most of the time before you are told their names.

Archie #06 gets a buy.