Friday, April 10, 2015

Comic Haul from the 84 Mart April 9th 2015

We got a junk store out near my home. The owner is the father in law of one of our neighbors. And when it first opened I was in there almost every month. But they were never getting in much of anything I wanted. So I stopped going.

A few hours ago I was heading to Dollar General to grab a drink,some moth balls and allergy meds for my dog. On my trip back something told me to make a stop at 84 mart. I walked in saw a few comic trades,asked the owner want he wanted for them. Got told the price per issue or if I grabbed all he had I got a huge discount. Saw that I wanted about 60% of what he had so went for the buy them all deal.

Got 8 issues of SHonen Jump. Most of them still in the mailer bags. All but 2 of them from 2010. Will end up reading a few stories from each then giving them to my cousin's son.

I remembered that most issues of SJ came with some kind of CCG card. Got these four. All of them got some amount of foil on them. Will end up using them as bookmarks.
Never heard of this series before. From CMX it is the first volume of what is labeled as a romantic comedy. I will give it a shot.
This right here is a major reason why I wanted the lot. I got into Gigantor when in the early 90s Sci FI Channel was showing it each morning. Didn't know there was comics published over here about him. Seems Ben Dunn of Ninja High School fame wrote this. So I guess it is what I have heard called American Manga. Still it is Gigantor.
From 1975 here is Super Goof 35 published by Whitman. I loved this series as a kid. And when I find issues cheap I will buy them.As you can see it is a reader copy.
And also from 1975 here is Tor #4. Published by DC.I have read scattered issues of this Joe Kubert creation.Again it has cover damage,but the issue is complete. Which makes it a reader copy.
I love the various horror and science fiction DC anthology titles. If I find issues cheap I always buy them. This issue is from 1969. The Unexpected #114,I figured it had to be late 60s or early 70s after seeing the 15 cent cover price.Flipping thru it there is no names working on stories that I know.
From 1978 here is issue 53 of the Gold Key/Whitman Star Trek run. I love the painted covers on this series. And for the cheap price I had to grab it.
Published by Harvey Comics in 1978 here is issue 101 of Sad Sack and the Sarge. I love the 70s and early 80s Harvey humor titles. They are what I was reading when I first got into comics.
Issue 106 of Conan the Barbarian's run at Marvel. This is another series I am collecting slowly. Mostly because I don't want to pay more than a buck an issue. Since this is from 79 Buscema and Ernie Chan are doing the artwork.

A few years back I got issue 4 of the Giant Sized Conan series. It is the last issue of that run. Well found issues 2 and 3 today. Sadly 3 had a huge sticker on the cover that did a bit of damage when I peeled it off. I love how on the cover of issue 3 it says "special ACADEMY AWARD issue,Featuring "Devil Wings over Shadizar". I don't remember a REH story with that title,so I am assuming this is either an original story or adapted from the non REH written stuff. Still 2 issues of Giant Sized Conan for less than a fourth of cover price is a good deal. Now just need the first issue to complete the run.
When I saw this I knew I wanted the lot. Sure it isn't mint. But it is in decent shape. And I know enough Star Wars geeks to be able to sell it and either make back what I spent on this lot,or more than likely make a small profit. Didn't notice until I was home that it is a reprint. Still I paid almost nothing for this. I think I read the reprints of the first 3 issues,but never the original issues. And gotta love that green Darth Vader drawn by Howard Chaykin on the cover.
I use to have to go once a week to another elementary school for my "gifted" class. Yeah they called it that back then. And I was always jealous of the kids at that school. They got the scholastic catalog each week and got to order great stuff like Dynamite and Bananas magazines. I saw this issue and had to grab it. Bananas for those that do not know about it,was a kids themed version of Mad magazine. Back in the 70s and 80s Mad was in some areas thought to be too adult themed for kids. I think some of the main artists and writers from Mad worked on Bananas.Flipping thru it I see the interiors are all in color. And they are doing Mad style parodies of various popular late 70s TV shows.
Crazy was Marvel's version of Mad. I never saw issues of this anywhere. Hell didn't know it existed until a few years back. The X-men themed cover of this issue from 1982 is what caught my attention.I do know that Crazy had it's own mascot.Like how Mad had Alfred E Newman and Cracked had that Janitor dude.Crazy had Obnioxo the Clown. Who sometime in the 80s got his own one shot comic. Where he crossed over with the X-men.

So that is my haul of older comics from 84 Mart. I might start checking in there more often.