Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 115 DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23

TITLE-DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23

It was summer of 82. I was with my parents,oddly enough about 40 minutes east of where I live now,visiting some friends of theirs.The county they lived in was a dry county,so all the guys had drove to the nearest wet county to get beer for the weekend. I have no clue why they brought me with them. All I remember was as soon as we went into the country store I headed straight for the magazine rack. Sat down and started reading the above comic. Someone ended up buying it for me. And  read it at least 3 times over that weekend.

This digest sized collection reprints 10 or so Green Arrow stories. Going back as far as the Jack Kirby and Lee Elias stories from the Golden Age.And going forward with a few classic Neal Adams drawn stories. Then best of all Mike Grell drawing and Denny O'Neil writing The Origin of Green Arrow. Plus a brand new wraparound story. Where Ollie is telling some of his past adventures to Dinah.

I like how who ever chose the stories for this digest managed to work in almost every major version of Green Arrow. From the boring stories but good artwork days of Green Arrow being Batman with a bow.To the much much better Denny O'neil stuff.

After I had totally forgotten about this comic,I lost my original copy decades ago,one night while browsing this online comic shop that was ran by the drummer from System of a Down I found a copy in good shape for a decent price. Sure it was a few bucks over what it cost back when I first got it. But it wasn't like I paid $15 for it.

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23 gets a BUY.