Sunday, September 11, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 245 The Walking Dead #158

TITLE-The Walking Dead #158

Part 2 of the Whisperers war is out.Gabriel is on lookout when he falls,loses his rifle and breaks his ankle. So he is left hanging there as a herd of walkers and Whisperers go by. One of the more gruesome deaths in this comic in a long ass time.

Out on the frontlines Dwight has a line of troops ready. Negan is with them but unarmed. Then the herd gets to them. Thanks to some flanking manuevers and Negan's quick thinking most of them manage to escape.

But it looks like this war has just begun. Like pretty much every month Kirkman and Adlard have me gladly forking over right at 4 bucks for my fix.

The Walking Dead #158 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 244 Jughead #09

TITLE-Jughead #09
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

After 8 issues we get a new writer Ryan North. The story starts off with the gang heading to Pop's. And out front is a lady dressed as a burger helping drum up business for Pop's Chok-o-lot shop.

Jughead falls in love with Burgergirl. And over the course of a few weeks gets to know her. Oddly our titular lead agrees to go out on a date with her.

So he goes to the rest of the gang asked for dating advice. Not surprisingly Betty Cooper gives the best advice.

Jughead shows up for his date and we are all shocked when Burgergirl turns out to be Sabrina the teenage witch.

No idea how long this story will be. But it has me already since Sabrina is in the story. I do wonder overall how these revamping of classic comics are working out for Archie. I see way more talk online about Archie's stuff that I have in decades.But at least at my local comic shop they only order one copy of any Archie title that isn't Sonic or Afterlife.

Jughead #09 gets a buy.