Friday, October 2, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 02 Return to Nuke'em High volume 1

Return to Nuke'em High Volume 1
Source-Anchor Bay/Troma Blu Ray

I saw the original Nuke'em High film during one of the Scifi Channels marathons of Troma movies. Yep back when Scifi was first hitting the airwaves they showed cut for cable Troma films. I enjoyed part 1,but parts 2 and 3 were much better.

So 3 years ago when I heard Troma was making a fourth film in the franchise I got pretty damn excited. But like with most recent Troma films it took a long time from when the film was finished until it got a home video release. I understand that Troma wants their films to play as many theaters as they can before it hits dvd/blu ray. But with no theater within a 3 hour drive of me that would show a Troma film I have to wait on home video.

The nuclear power plant by Nuke'em High is now the HQ of some giant global food corporation.And they are supplying food for Nuke'em High. Which of course is contaminated.

So the food ends up transforming the Glee Club into the new Cretins. And our heroes,if you can call them that,are two young ladies that goto Nuke'em high. Who through out the course of the film fall in love. 

Really my only complaint about this film is that it is broken up into two parts. And as of the writing of this post no release date has been set for volume 2.

I will say the blu ray of this looks great. And has well done sound. Plus you get two commentaries. One with some of the cast. And one with Lloyd Kaufman. And if you look around you can find this cheap.

Return to Nuke'em High Volume 1 gets a B.

3 Toys from the Junkbox Halloween edition

Thanks to store remodeling I have been getting the blind bag Imaginext figures cheap. With movie reviews and trying to at least finish 5 books this month I doubt I will do another of these this month. I got enough Halloween/Horror style toys to do a few. But on to the 4,yeah it's almost Halloween fuck the rules getting 1 extra toy this time.

From series three this is some kind of either alien or undersea creature. Good sculpting on the legs and arms and face. The spear looks really good also.
But if you take the helmet off and the spear away it looks a bit more like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I wouldn't mind getting another of these since it has two very different looks depending on if you put the accessories on or not.
 BIGFOOT!!! There is a huge Imaginext remote control Bigfoot I have been trying to get for over a year. This smaller one,that comes with a giant fish!!!!,will make a good substitute.
Yeah you take the Mask off and and he looks doofy. But you can now add a Bigfoot mask to your other Imaginext figures.
This one is like the first one in that it has two totally different looks.With the "tater sack" mask on and weedwacker he looks like either Jason Voorhies in Friday the 13th part 2 or the killer from The Town that dreaded sundown.
You take the "Tater Sack" off and you got a great zombie figure.This line is for 3 to 8 year olds ,so a toy this creepy and scary in a line aimed at that age group is strange but a neat find.
Finally this very very well done vampire. The sculpting ,paint job and accessories are the best I have seen from this line of toys.The bat seems to hold best on the right arm. And the cape is a nice touch,
He does lose a bit without the cape. And the bat. But still a great looking figure. One I am kind of glad I got 2 of now.