Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 012 Supreme #3


Supreme is now leader of Heavy Mettle. Hostage situation. Bloodstrike,remember Feel the Blood on issue #1?,are also brought in for what seems to be crowd control.

Supreme uses his eye power beams to microwave some bad guys head. And generally the art this time is Liefeld clone good.

I am actually kind of liking this series. Over the course of about 5 cons I built a set of whatever wasn't out in trades.Most of the issues costing me at most 50 cents.

I don't know or understand why.But I enjoy seeing Rob Liefeld being not only the Stan Lee  but also the Jack Kirby of his corner of the Image Universe. So who does that make Ditko and Heck? Chap Yaep and Mayrat Michaels?

Supreme #03 gets a buy,but don't pay more than a buck. Really try to find this for under 50 cents and know going in you are getting Liefeld's 3rd rate versions of silver age DC and Marvel characters.

2016 Comic Challenge 011 The Walking Dead #149

TITLE-The Walking Dead #149

I normally read Walking Dead as soon as the new issue comes out. But I got behind. Since the comic took a jump ahead in time it has been a slow build.With a new group of villains introduced. And they made a huge impact 3 or 4 issues ago.

This issue is mostly showing us the aftermath of the Whisperers attack on the new communities. Rick is at his wits end.And goes to an unexpected source for advice on how to handle this.

I am expecting the next issue to either be bigger than normal or something major to happen.

The Walking Dead #149 gets a Buy.