Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 144 Batman VS.Superman The greatest battles

TITLE-Batman VS.Superman The Greatest Battles

Ok yeah this time it is a trade instead of a single issue. Found this at Walmart for like 8 bucks. Saw it had 7 stories,3 of which I had read before,so grabbed it.

And what issues does it reprint? What battles do we get?

Up first is Batman #612.Part of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's Hush story line. This is the best issue of that horrible piece of shit. And it is just average. Loeb is a average at best writer,usually being way below average. Lee is ok for covers and posters. But to me his art has no storytelling,no emotion or real passion.

Man of Steel #3 by John Byrne is second. Read this whenever it came out years ago.Hell what 30 years ago now? It's OK. I have never liked Byrne's art that much on anything outside Marvel. And his Batman just looks off to me. Still it is a neat first meeting of Bruce and Clark in the post Crisis universe.

Who would win from Superman/Batman #78 is the third issue reprinted. And the first I hadn't read.Joe and Jack Kelly tell a great story of two 8 or so year old boys debating who would win between Superman and Batman. Ed Benes draws it. And the touch  at the end is cute.

The second issue of the New52 Justice League title is next.Geoff Johns and Jim Lee produced a nice to look at but honestly shallow as a kiddy pool story.

The first 2 parts of the Batman:endgame story is the next battle. Scott Snyder is an Ok Batman writer. Thankfully Greg Capullo pencils and Danny Miki's inks make up for Snyder's shortcomings.

Then we end the trade with one of the earliest serious Batman vs Superman fights and one of the best. Dark Knight Returns #4.Not much I can say about this,since I figure most people reading this have read the comic or at least seen the DTV adaptation. But it is a great way to end this collection.

One last little thing. The trade came with a sticker on the front that said Walmart exclusive. And mentioned a Batman V Superman movie poster. So the poster....
Yeah it sucks. Oh well.

Batman VS.Superman The Greatest Battles gets a borrow.