Friday, June 19, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 074 Project Superpowers Chapter 2 volume 1

TITLE-Project Superpowers Chapter 2 volume 1
AUTHOR-Alex Ross & Jim Krueger
FORMAT-Trade Paperback

This series picks up pretty much where Chapter 1 ended. The heroes have taken over DC and NYC. But we see that all the sidekicks are now back. Hiding in some Eastern European country. And are of the mind that the returned heroes have been brainwashed.

So we got that plotline going on. Plus Captain Future has returned. Going around killing people. But it isn't until he shows up and majorly injured Samson that the heroes realize there is something majorly changed about their old friend Captain Future.

Once again the art is good. The writing is well done. And I love how many new heroes are crammed into these 7 issues.

Project Superpowers Chapter 2 volume 1 gets a 3.62 outta 5.

2015 Reading Challenge Book 073 Boomers 101

TITLE-Boomers 101
AUTHOR-No clue one isn't listed
FORMAT-Trade Paperback

I always have trouble buying Mother's Day gifts for my mother. If she wants something she goes out and buys it. So this year I told her to find something she wanted so I could get it for her.She had seen this book in a catalog. Where they wanted $15 for it. I searched on Abebooks found it for a much cheaper price and got it for her.

This is an alphabetical list of stuff that have meaning for people of the Baby Boomer generation. Now I am not part of that generation,being born in the mid 70s I guess I am gen-X,but growing up with two parts that are from the very beginning of the boomers I knew lots of the stuff in the book fairly well.

Each item gets a page with a picture then a short paragraph. I do wish there was more details about various items. But the book is a decent guide to the movies,books,tv shows and various fads of the boomer generation.

A few things stand out about the book. First there is no price listed anywhere on the book. Secondly it was published by AARP. Which makes sense since the boomer generation are all of AARP age range.

Boomers 101 gets a 2.55 outta 5.