Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 072 Mr T and the T-Force #02

TITLE-Mr T and the T-Force #02

Yep in 1993 NOW comics teamed up with Neal Adams/Continuity Studios and Mr T to create a comic. I had kind of forgotten about this comic until I found an almost complete run in a dealer's 10 for a buck bin.

Neal Adams and Pete Stone are credited with story. With art credits going to Neal Adams&Continuity Studios.Plus Mr T being listed as Star and Creative Director. And the art has that samey look that almost everything from Continuity had.So what about the story? Mr T fights a cyborg Incan. And gets shot with needles full of drugs. Which causes T to start hallucinating. Yeah that is the story.Oh and some at risk teen is back at T-Force HQ and trying to decide if he should change his life.

From what I have read and heard every issue came bagged with a trading card. Most of the time containing cover art but missing all the logos and stuff. This issue comes with what I must assume is a panel from the first issue of Mr T and the T-force.

Mr T and the T-Force #02 gets a borrow.