Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dirt Cheap Haul late Feb 2014

Made my pretty much monthly trip to Dirt Cheap. Budgeted out 25 to 30 bucks. After looking at the furniture,where I found a dresser I wanted but it was about 100 bucks more than I want to spend I saw they had 3 shelves full of books. Dug around and noticed that instead of a percentage off the cover price all books were $4. Grabbed Cinema Serial Killers by Paul B. Kidd.

Flipped thru it earlier and I like the format. The author talks about films with serial killers,then if the killer is based on a real person you get a bio on that person. I got a feeling this is gonna move up to the top of my "read next" pile. And $4 for this was great cause it is originally $25

I am always looking for more lamps for my room. The I hate using my big light in the ceiling fan. So I keep lamps all over the room.Saw this and thought it will look good on my wall or on a shelftop.It was on a shelf that had the 80% off sign. I suck at figuring out percentages in my head. But since it was $14.99 I guesses it would be around $3. I was right it was $3.It is battery powered,using 3 AA batteries. Sadly since this is Dirt Cheap that means something might be missing and there is no returns. The sticker that makes it look like it is breaking thru the wall and the screws you mount it on are gone. No biggie on the screws I am sure I can find some in the workshop out back of the house. Really thinking about attaching this to the side of my big shelf.

I walked up and down the various house hold and other junk aisles. Seeing only a set of Simpsons tumbler that caught my interest. Priced at 20 bucks for 5 they were 20% off. Meh too high for what they are.I got to the back wall which is the toy section. The place was packed with kids. So trying to maneuver a cart around the kids playing with stuff wasn't easy. Squatted down to check the bottom shelf and found.

I love mini figures. For years I had 100s of loose full size,IE for my generation 3 to 5 inch,action figures. But displaying they eats up so much space. Mini figures eat up so little space I can have piles all over my shelves,tabletops and entertainment center. I had eyeballed this two pack of Playskool Heroes figures on a previous trip. But that trip the $11.99 figures were only 50% off. This time they were 80% off. Making them $2.40. They got way more articulation that I expected. Gonna have to see if they made a Captain America figure for this line.

Been wanting to get some board games. This seems to be a fast paced comedy themed game. It was 80% off of $12.99. Making it $2.60. I took a chance. Opened it up and checked out the rules and stuff. Should be fun.

I know I just said I don't have much room for bigger action figures. But this one looked too good and was too cheap for me to pass up. Plus I am converting half of my computer desk into a figure display area. The articulation is nothing special. The elbows,hips,waist and tail move. The paint job and sculpting are really good. I guess these came out to promote the newest Godzilla movie.And I wish I knew who this one is. But it was $10.99 at 80% off,so $2.20.

After looking at piles of opened then taped back shut lego sets and remote control helicopters and cars,all of which were marked way the hell down. But with each of the legos missing pieces and the RC stuff all missing wires or plugs,they aren't worth it even at the super low price.

Hey another figure from the Godzilla line. On this Godzilla the jaw,shoulders,elbows and hips move. Plus he has a button on his tail that makes him do a "attack" action.

Yeah lame as fuck isn't it. But I currently don't have a Godzilla figure,this one will look great fighting my Macross figure. What sucks is this one while having more points of articulation it isn’t  as posable as the other figure that has less points of articulation. The paint and sculpting jobs are as good as the other figure. I guess since this one has a amazing attack action feature they thought it should cost more. Originally $12.99 I got it for $2.60.

I was almost at the end of the toy section,which thankfully wasn't as crowded as the other end. Looked at the bottom shelf,piles of stained stuffed animals. And what do I see way at the back. A Tech Deck Darth Vader skateboard and quarterpipe playset. My first thought was to grab this as a birthday gift for my cousin's youngest son. He loves Star Wars.But the more I look at it the more I want to keep it. Anyways besides one none discounted item this cost me the most. Originally $14.99 I got it for $4.50.

So I spent $23.55. For what was originally $88.95. So my savings is $65.40

Now there is 4 items I bought I didn't include in these totals. 3 of them because I can't figure out what their original cost was. The other item wasn't discounted at all.

Dirt Cheap always has two big tables full of ex-Blockbuster rental copies in cardboard sleeves. What I dislike is the price is always changing. Sometimes they are a buck each. Sometimes $3. This time they were 75 cents. I grabbed .....

Tears of the Black Tiger-The artwork on the disc makes it out to be a Asian made and starring Western. I guess like Sukiyaki Django.

Stripped Naked-From Anchor Bay,no idea what this movie is. But the title sounded sleazy and with Exploited Cinema going soon to that Grindhouse in the sky I wanted to grab something sleazy to watch in tribute. My luck it will be some National Lampoon film that sucks.

Twin Peaks Complete series Disc 4-I have been trying to get cheaply Region 1 dvds of Twins peaks Pilot episode and season 1.Months back I got the Pilot from this same boxed set. I thought I grabbed a disc with episodes 4,5,6 of season 1.But it is 8,9,10 of season 2. So if anyone reading this needs Disc 4 of the Twin peaks gold box set let me know. It is free.

I was slowly making my way to the register to checkout,when someone threw something into my cart. "Newt you need this shirt!" I got told.

Yep they sell shirts with their logo on it. I wish they had one with the crackhead looking bird that is their mascot. But this one is good. I have been trying to get more non-black shirts. So a bright green shirt is a nice addition.This was also the most expensive item. But $5 isn't bad for a t-shirt.

              I doubt I hit Dirt Cheap again this month. Overall I got a good haul this time. 
Godzilla and the other monster are preparing to go attack my Macross figure,which is out of the shot to the right. I think Playskool Heroes Iron Man might be drunk.