Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 210 The Black Hood #11

TITLE-The Black Hood #011
PUBLISHER-Dark Circle/Archie

The issue starts off with our lead giving up the Black Hood identity. And after that we are given a flashback. To the man that wore the hood before our Phillie cop.

Seems the previous Black Hood was also a cop. Who was using the Hood to track down someone known as Nobody.

Tracking down Nobody lead this version of the Hood to Phillie. And we get to see what actually happened the day our main lead became the Black Hood.

While this was good,it wasn't nearly as good as the previous 10 issues. According to an ad in the back this is the end of volume 1 and a new series will start soon. Looks like it will have the same creative team.

The Black Hood #011 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 209 Moon Knight #04

TITLE-Moon Knight #04

Our group of 4 escapees get confronted by a cop. But Moon Knight/Marc sees him as Sobek. The cop ends up mortally wounding Jean-Paul/Frenchie. So Marc beats his head into the street.

Now down to 3 they make their way to a diner. Gena's Diner,which I remember from the Bill and Doug run on this series.Once she mentions her two sons I had a flood of memories of her in the original series.

Marc and Marlene leave the diner and are heading to the pyramid. They arrive and Marc is knocked in the back of the head by something. He turns to see who/what it was and is shocked to see Moon Knight.

Yeah this is getting really good. I do wonder how much longer before we get a proper answer to if this is all in Marc's head or if the Egyptian Gods are coming back.

Moon Knight #04 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 208 Moon Knight #03

 TITLE-Moon Knight #03

Holy fuck is this getting good.

Marc,Crawley,Frenchie and the others are down in the subway/ancient Egyption temple. Khonshu shows Marc a way to get out,right when the Doc/Ammunt shows up with some orderlies. The group barely manages to escape. But something Marc sees causes him to doubt himself.

Off to the othervoid.Marc and Khonshu have a long discussion. Were Khonshu explains to Marc that his madness and mental instability are his greatest asset.

With this meta-physical pep talk over Marc runs off to meet up with his friends. They all end up meeting Anubis/a bus driver. Crawley pays Anubis's price of one soul to take them all away.

They reach a dock.Say their goodbyes to Crawley. Find a ladder and think that they are now in NYC. After making it to the surface they see winged people flying thru the skies and a huge pyramid in the middle of NYC.

This is one of the best Moon Knight series I have read since the original series.Lemire realizes that it is Marc's various mental illnesses that make him much much more than Marvel's Bat-clone.

Moon Knight #03 gets a buy.