Sunday, October 9, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 09 Bone Chillers Art Intimidates Life

Title-Bone Chillers Art Intimidates Life
Source-Buena Vista Home Video  VHS

This is the other Bone Chillers VHS I mentioned a few days ago. Like the previous VHS  it has 2 full episodes of this short lived and forgotten show.

Art Intimidates Life is the first episode of the series.After quickly setting up the premise of the series it gets right to the plot of this episode.Something has happened and whatever anyone draws comes to life. Which isn't a good thing when you have a student that loves to draw horrible monsters.

Up next is Mummy Dearest. Which is the fifth episode of the series. During the school play our 4 leads have to fight off a mummy. There is some decent makeup FX done on the mummy.

Overall this tape is decent. It isn't as good as the other I reviewed days ago. But still if you find it cheap it is worth grabbing.

Bone Chillers Art Intimidates Life gets a B-.