Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How come no one told me about these 002

Found all of these last year at Dirt Cheap. I have been picking up a few of the various Vinyl toys that are flooding the market. But until finding these everyone I have found in stores was based on a licensed property.

Nooks Website
There's the official website. Huge parts of it don't work anymore.Seems there was a way to register each Nook you bought by entering the identification number each Nook has.

Yeah this line are called Nooks. They are 10 centimeters tall.Got articulation at the shoulders and neck. Each are individually numbered on the bottom of the left foot. The bottom of the right foot has the Nooks name. The original price tags on them was 8 bucks.But Dirt Cheap was clearing them out at 50 cents each. I grabbed one of all the different ones they had. Plus the three I liked the best I lucked out and found extras of them. So I bought those also and they are current attached to the dash of my car.

                                                             Cuddles #023 of 150
Cuddles has a bendie tail that isn't shown in the picture.Grabbed this one mostly cause I was grabbing one of each Nook the store had.

                                                               Sunshine #028 of 150
Sunshine seems to be some kind of hula girl. With pretty decent detail in the various paintjobs.

                                                          Frederick #029 of 150
I love this wacky looking monster. That has a huge screw going thru his head.

                                                            Frank #064 of 150
I wish I had found another of this one. Such a good representation of Frankenstein's Monster.

                                                    Nookman #075 of 150
This super hero style Nook has a plastic cape. Which reminds me of the capes we had on the old Kenner Star Wars figures.
                                                               Grunt #080 of 150
Sadly a few of these are missing accessories. Grunt came with a wrestling belt. But I did find 2 of him. So he is one of the aforementioned Nooks I added to my car dash.
                                                             Huffpuff #083 of 150
You can't seem them well in the picture,Huffpuff has a bendable rubber wings on his back.
                                                                Kyoto #095 of 150
This is another that is missing something. She came with chopsticks and a bowl of rice.
                                                           Travis #100 of 150
No idea why this robot looking Nook is named Travis. This is another one I bought 2 of.
                                                    Haka the Maouri Man #125 of 150
Really love the paint details on the face. Supposedly some of the Nooks are rarer than others. This is one of the supposedly Rare ones.
                                             Speedy the Super Hero #129 of 150
Another super hero Nook. And another that has a plastic cape.
                                                         Bobbin Hood #134 of 150
Yep he is missing his bow. I looked all over the shelves for it. The arrow can be removed from his hand.
                                                                 Yin Yang #135 of 150
                      A simple design that looks great.Also another of the Rare ones.
                                                  Bongo the Monster Nook #137 of 150
The last one I bought two of. I love how he reminds me of the Metaluna Monster from This Island Earth.

I looked around the net after buying all these. Besides the official website there is very little talk of them online.Kind of surprises me since these vinyl toys are pretty popular. Since buying all these Dirt Cheap has sold all they had. Might have to hit up Ebay and see if I can grab a few more for cheap.