Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 310 The Walking Dead #165

TITLE-The Walking Dead 165

FUCK! Yeah Kirkman got me again. I have been thinking that either Rick or Carl would die soon. But I was wrong.

We got our group on horseback leading the herd into the ocean. All is going well. Then Andrea and Eugene get separated. Andrea makes it out,but has to go back to rescue Eugene.

Dwight's group is doing good. Then what is left of the Saviours show up and Dwight gets attacked.

Back at Alexandria Rick and Negan are slowly thinning out the herd that is surrounding the shed they are trapped in.

So it looks like all is going ok. Then the final page happens. And we see what I am pretty sure is a bite mark on Andrea's neck. Like I said at the beginning FUCK!.

The Walking Dead 165 gets a BUY!