Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 019 Ring of Hell

BOOK TITLE-Ring of Hell:The Story of Chris Benoit&The Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry
AUTHOR-Matthew Randazzo V aka Polish Bob Stupak

I first heard about this book when someone mentioned it at DeathvalleyDriver Video Review. One of the former posters was the author. I figured I would get it through inter library Loan one day. Mostly because I don't have that much room for hardcover books.

Had drove down to the next town to the south. Was in the tiny mall.Mostly to hit the going out of business Sam Goody,Dollar Tree and the usually super shitty bookstore. Got some good deals on stuff at Sam Goody. Headed to the back of the bookstore to check out the tiny comic book section. The non fiction sports books section was right behind me. I turned around and saw a copy of Ring of Hell. I grabbed it and flipped through it. Looked decent,but this store always has new books at cover price.Not wanting to pay that much for it. I look at the back cover and it is marked down to $13. Hell yeah.

Randazzo presents his researched story of Chris Benoit's life. His info comes from so many sources. From interviews he did with people that knew Benoit,various shoot interviews and even interviews Chris had given before his death.

Through out the book Matthew points out how Benoit has a history of acting strange and sometimes being very sadistic. He was known for his very sick sense of humor. And joined in on many beatdowns/tortures/earning your place situations in some dojos in Japan.

As for one major complaint I have heard about this book,yeah lots of the info in it is from shoot interviews. And wrestlers have been known to exaggerate or out right lie about stuff in these interviews. So we won't know what stories actually happened. And if they did how much of what we are told is the truth.

Even with this caveat,this is a good read. No idea if it ever got a paperback release. And I have no clue what a used copy would cost you. I would say if you want to read this see if your library can get a copy. If not don't pay more than say 10 bucks for the hardcover.

Ring of Hell gets a 3.35 outta 5.