Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 239 The Survivalist Chronicles #03

TITLE-The Survivalist Chronicles #03
PUBLISHER-Survival Art Press

Yep another issue of the series that drips 80s,The Survivalist Chronicles.Our titular band of survivors has made a deal with the local tribe.Plus they have added a doctor to their group. So things are looking up.

At the same time a bunch of Russian paratroopers are dropped into the same area. So now we got the US military,the bounty hunters and the Russians all in the area and ready to kill.

I really hope there is an issue #04 and I can find it. Cause this is getting pretty interesting.

The Survivalist Chronicles #03 gets a Borrow!

2016 Comic Challenge 238 The Survivalist Chronicles #02

TITLE-The Survivalist Chronicles #02
PUBLISHER-Survival Art Press

Never heard of this title,the company or anyone involved in it before.But honestly that is what I look for when I am digging through cheap bins. Those titles that have been forgotten.

I read the first issue a few days ago. And while it was fresh in my memory,the first few pages of this issue do a good job of catching you up if you missed the first issue.

Set after a nuclear attack happens on the continental US shores,this comic is about ,duh,a band of survivalists. Who with their families have moved way out in the woods.

In this issue ,after having found a new home last issue,they discover they aren't alone in the valley. A tribe of Native Americans live in the valley and want these newcomers gone.

We also find out that what is left of the US government has sent a huge group of bounty hunters up into the woods to flush out anyone in that area.

Ronald F. Ledwell does the art and writing. The art is nice. Black and white,except for the covers,and has a moody feel.The story isn't bad. There is a lot of dialogue to read. Plus I am pretty sure this comic is a bit longer than the normal 20 to 22 page comic that was coming out in 1981.

I am guessing since this was coming out when the direct market was still tiny is a main reason why I have never heard of this series. I am gonna see if there is any issues of this series that I don't have. Oh almost forgot,there is a few ads in the issue for other titles from Survival Art Press.One is for a title called Waffen SS,I am guessing it is a WWII title.And another for In Country Nam. Gonna try to track down at least an issue of both series to try them out.

The Survivalist Chronicles #02 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 237 Buried Terror #01

TITLE-Buried Terror #01

While NEC is mostly known for publishing all the various Tick comics,they also for awhile had a line of pre-code horror reprint titles. Buried Terror was one of the last of this line.

Thankfully the interior art is much better than that cover. Sure it's horrible,but it just looks like something a bored fanboy would doodle in 7th grade study hall.

Now all these stories in Buried Terror are reprinted in b/w. Which to me isn't a big deal,but I know it can be a issue with some comic fans.The first story is Curse Castle.Which is drawn by the amazing Bob Powell.I discovered Bob Powell through all those various pre-code reprint titles that Eclipse was putting out in the 80s. The story is nothing special,but the art makes up for that.

Up next is Fog was my Shroud.A post Nuke story.The art is thought to be done by Robert Webb. A name I do not know. It is a decent sci fi horror story from the latter years before the Code took over.

Webb supposedly does the next story,In a Lonely Place. Which is decent. A bit short but decent.

The final story is Happily Dead. Which takes a neat twist on the living dead gimmick.

But my favorite part of the issues is the many pages on the history of Ajax comics. Thanks to the Digital Comics Museum I have gotten into the Ajax pre-code horror stuff.This article is well written and full of info.

Buried Terror #01 gets a BUY!