Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 04 Two Thousand Maniacs

Two Thousand Maniacs
Source-The Bloody Trilogy Blu Ray from Something Weird Video/Image Entertainment

This is the second of Lewis's famous Gore Trilogy.And until I got this Blu ray I had never seen it. I knew the plot and had seen the remake,2001 Maniacs check it out it is fun.

A small southern town is destroyed back during the Civil War. A northern army comes thru,burns it down and kills all the citizens of the town. So in the modern day on the anniversary of this happening the town tricks some vacationing northerners into coming to the town.

Once there these Yankees are killed off one by one. In fairly brutal ways. One guy it placed into a barrel. Nails are hammered into it. Then the barrel is rolled down a hill. One woman gets squashed under a huge rock that is dropped off a tower.

Out of all the HG Lewis films I have seen this is my favorite. Sure it is as low budget and cheesy as his other films. But the film still manages to shine thru all the crap. The title song is great. The acting is much better than most other Lewis films. And even the gore seems to be better done.

And because this is from Something Weird Video it is loaded with extras. Like Blood Feast this film has a pile of outtakes,once again with no sound,the original trailer and an amazing commentary once again with Lewis,Friedman and Varney.

In the commentary Lewis and Friedman talk about how the movie was filmed in St Cloud Florida. Which back then was just a tiny town near Orlando. Of course now St Cloud has been taken over by Disney and is huge.

If you have never seen any of Lewis's horror/gore films this is the one to start with. And if you own a Blu Ray player get this great triple feature Blu Ray. I see it selling brand new for 10 bucks all the time.

2000 Maniacs gets an A.