Friday, March 25, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 140 Youngblood Super Special #01

TITLE-Youngblood Super Special #01
PUBLISHER-Maximum Press

Yep I am back with more Youngblood.By the time this issue came out,cover date winter 1997,I had just gotten back into comics. But was ignoring everything coming out that was superhero related. Then a few years ago I found a big stack of Liefeld stuff. And it was cheap,average issue was costing me a quarter. When I bought it I flipped thru the comic,saw that Chris Sprouse was doing the art. And the comic ended up getting filed away in a longbox.

So about 2 weeks ago I was going through some of my boxes of comics. And pulling out stuff that I had either never read or had read but was wanting to read again. I flipped through this comic again and wanted to read it since the art by Mr Sprouse looked damn good.

This issue is about Sentinel going off with a team mostly comprised of new recruits to the Youngblood program. They get attacked and now this team of new and untested heroes has to prove they have what it takes to be part of Youngblood.

The story,written by Eric Stephenson,is kind of an average story. But compared to lots of the other Youngblood stuff I have read it is so much better. What really made the issue stand out to me is Chris Sprouse's artwork. I had gotten use to either Liefeld art on Youngblood or art from one of the many Liefeld clones on Youngblood.

I am guessing not many people read this issue. By 97 all except the diehard Liefeld fans had given up on all the stuff he was putting out. Plus when this came out Alan Moore was busy writing Supreme. So that title seemed to get all the attention.

Youngblood Super Special #01 gets a buy.