Friday, May 13, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 165 Southern Bastards #14

TITLE-Southern Bastards #14

So after a few months wait we get the conclusion to the current story in Southern Bastards. Seems Earl,the guy who died in the first story,had a daughter. Who is ex-military and has come home. Also forgot she is half-black. Which of course goes over big with the racist inbreds of the town.

Even though I had to wait a bit over 2 months to get this issue,fuck was it worth the wait. Aaron perfectly captures how it is to live in a small southern town. And what it is like if you are living there and not white/straight and Christian.

Southern Bastards #14 gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 164 The Tick FCBD 2016

TITLE-The Tick FCBD 2016

For the past 5 years NEC has put out one of the best of the Free Comic Book Day comics.So I never miss it.

This one is almost perfect. We get three stories.That all happen over the course of a day or so. Up first is one about how a bunch of alternate reality version of The Tick showing up. Plus a cameo from one of the best villian from the Tick cartoon. The second story answers the question "What do you do with a few hundred versions of the Tick".Then in the last Tick and Arthur find out they have a convention appearance. And we get to meet a great idea for a super villian.

I also love how inside the front cover NEC has a deal.All you gotta do is send a SASE with the proper amount of postage and they will mail you all the FCBD issues.

The Tick FCBD 2016 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 163 Crossed Badlands #096

TITLE-Crossed Badlands #096

Well looks like I was wrong. After last issue I figured this one would go into the beginnings of the new Crossed we see in Crosse +100. Nope doesn't happen. Smokey gets double crossed by the traitor. And a bunch of Crossed get let loose in the hospital were Smokey has been keeping the pregnant humans.

I am assuming that the next 4 issues will all be one story. But who knows. With the series ending soon...hell it has been great. With so many standout moments.

Crossed Badlands #96 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 162 The Black Hood #10

TITLE-The Black Hood #10
PUBLISHER-Dark Circle/Archie Comics

Somehow I missed this one when it came out. But got it the other day.

Since the first issue Black Hood has been my favorite superhero comic in years. Hell I would say since the late 90s run of Astro City.

The Hood has been captured. And they know about his addictions. So they shoot him up with some kind of painkiller.

After escaping the Hood goes back and tells his partner everything. An convinces him to let him have one more mission as the Black Hood.

What can I say each issue of this series is as good as if not better than the last. Sure it is some times a bit late. But it is worth the wait. If you like the superhero genre of comics and are not reading this WTF go grab the trade of the first story.

The Black Hood #010 gets a buy!