Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 177 Afterlife with Archie #09

TITLE-Afterlife with Archie #09
PUBLISHER-Archie comics

After a long ass delay,7 or so months if not more,the new issue of the Archie zombie comic is out.

Reggie is out scouting with Kevin. And tells Kevin how Reggie is the one that started the zombie outbreak. After telling his story,Reggie decides to leave. And asks Kevin to tell the inner circle of the group why he left.

Back at their newest camp Archie,Betty and Veronica find out about Reggie.After debating they end up telling the rest of the group that Reggie just left.

Cut back to Reggie.He is heading towards the swarm of zombie lead by Jughead. Reggie is expecting to be bit and die. But the herd parts. Reggie looks up and there is Jughead and Hot Dog in front of him. He waits for one of them to kill him. But out of nowhere Sabrina appears. And talks about how the dark lord is pleased with Reggie and if he does something for him,the dark Lord will reward Reggie with the one thing he has always wanted but could never get. Midge Klump,who is a zombie. But Reggie is told if he goes back to Archie and the gang,gains their trust again. Then kills Betty,the dark lord will bring Midge back to life and she will be Reggies. Reggie quickly agrees to the deal.

I really enjoyed the focus on Reggie.And the return of Sabrina was damn good. With this story arc being titled Betty RIP,or some shit like that,I have been waiting on Betty to die. So it looks like Reggie will be her killer.

Yeah I am fed up with the delays on this comic. It has been coming out for at least 2 years and only 9 issues have hit the stands. Hell make it a 4 times a year comic and I am happy. I just want to know  that it will come out regularly. Instead of this annoying wait 10 months for a new issue stuff.

Afterlife with Archie #09 gets a BUY!