Saturday, April 9, 2016

Captain America Civil War Cereal

 While doing some grocery shopping the other day I ran into a new cereal,Captain America Civil War cereal. Normally I don't bother with movie tie-in cereals,but this one was on sale.Plus it has Cap on the front. How can I pass it up?
 On the other side is that drunk traitor Iron man.I for one am looking forward to Cap beating the shit out of Iron Man in the film.
This is the side panel that actually had something on it. The other is just the nutritional facts.I actually like the image of Cap and Iron Man fighting above a giant bowl of cereal.
Well the cereal is your typical generic Kellogg's stuff. Pieces of sugar flavored corn stuffs. Then a few colored marshmallows.
Yeah I know there isn't nearly enough marshmallows in the mix. Now I eat all my cereal dry.Mostly cause milk and my body do not agree.And dry cereal makes a decent quick meal.

The cereal is OK. The corn pieces taste decent.The marshmallows have very little flavor. Also why isn't there a toy or something in the box. A poster,trading card or even a Cap themed spoon. But I got nothing.So unless you just gotta have every piece of Civil War merchandise skip this cereal.