Friday, May 26, 2017

Twin Peaks and Me

I was in my mid teens when Twin Peaks premiered on the ABC network.Having already been a huge fan of David Lynch I made sure to catch that first episode. And after it was over I was hooked. So every week when a new episode aired I made sure to be home to watch it. That short first season was so good that over the summer I watched the reruns and my vhs recordings of each episode many many times.

Through out the entire summer while waiting on season 2 to start I spend countless hours trying to figure out who killed Laura Palmer. Thinking at the time that this murder mystery was the central plot of the show. Looking back now I see that the murder was just used by David Lynch and Mark Frost as a starting point to tell a story about how in most small towns there is an hidden evil side. One that unless you have lived in that town for a long time you don't notice. But if you have you can see through the cracks of the whole "We are just a small town full of happy nice people". Having lived over half my life in small towns I know how true this is.

When season 2 started on Sept 30th 1990 I was ready.
 I had gotten about 2 weeks prior the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer book,that was written by David Lynch's daughter. And read it 2 times.  Sure the book answered some of my questions it also created even more questions. From various interviews I have seen and read I have found out that David Lynch has never read this book. And sure a few things in the book contradict stuff from the show and film. Still it is worth reading if you are a Twin Peaks fan.

So season 2 starts and I was so happy that I had figured out how Agent Dale Cooper was gonna survive the season 1 cliffhanger. Not that long into season 2 Laura's murder is revealed. And I was shocked. During the summer between the seasons I had mulled who it could be over and over in my head. And when it was revealed that Laura's father had murdered her I was surprised that I had never even suspected him. Going back now and rewatching the first season and re-reading the diary I see all the clues that had been laid out.

About halfway through season 2 the show seemed to change. Once Laura's murder was solved the show seemed to lose it's focus. Found out that part of this was because Lynch never wanted to reveal who the murderer was. Plus IIRC Lynch was gone from the show for most of season 2. I am pretty sure he was off working on Wild at Heart.

Seems like I wasn't the only one that felt the show had lost it's way. The ratings started to drop. And ABC started preempting the show and moving it around the schedule. I am pretty sure that all of season 1 aired at 9pm central Sunday nights. Which was perfect for me. I could watch my 2 hour block of sitcoms on Fox.Then flip the dial to ABC watch Twin Peaks,before drifting off to sleep.

Then towards the end of season 2 I was hearing rumors that the show might get cancelled. And that David Lynch was coming back to direct some episodes. Sadly Lynch coming back wasn't enough to save the show. So on June 10th 1991 the final episode aired. And left all the fans with a few major cliffhangers. Was Audrey Horne dead? Agent Cooper was stuck in the Black Lodge while his evil doppelganger was free to roam the Earth. It looked like I was never gonna get answers to lots of the questions the show had raised.

I was at my local comic shop,talking to a few friends that summer after season 2. And one of them told me that David Lynch was doing a Twin Peaks movie. Fuck yeah now I was gonna get more answers. The movie came out in August of 1992. Titled Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me,it is a prequel and epilogue to the show. Showing us the last week of Laura's life. Sure it answered some of the questions I had. But it raised even more questions. From what I can find the plan was to do a series of 3 films that would wrap up the Twin Peaks saga.But Fire Walk with Me was a huge bomb in the States. I went opening night to see it and there was maybe 30 people in the theater. I enjoyed the movie so much I went back a few days later to see it again. This time there was 5 people in the theater.

Oh well even though I didn't get all the answers I wanted at least I knew thanks to Cooper being trapped in the Black Lodge Laura's spirit was free to move on to whatever happens to us after we die. Even back then the line Laura had about seeing us in 25 years kind of stuck out as odd. Now here it is basically 25 years later and season 3 has just started airing on the Showtime movie network.

It was sometime in the fall of 1994,I was in Walden's books in my local mall. Looking through their clearance book bin.When I see a copy of The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. I had heard about the book but never seen a copy anywhere. And Walden's had it marked down to 2 or 3 bucks. So I grabbed it and rushed home to read it. Excited that I had more Twin Peaks stuff to enjoy. It was also around this time that I found the pilot episode on VHS. Cause of rights issues and various contracts the version of the pilot released on VHS was the European theatrical cut of the pilot. When Lynch convinced ABC to take a chance on the show one of the things he was required to do was film extra footage so the pilot could be released as a film in various countries overseas. It seems that it was mostly countries in Europe that got this release. For years the only way to see the original cut of the pilot was to find someone that had recorded it off TV. These added scenes tried to wrap up the mystery of who killed Laura. But totally go against what was revealed in season 2. Still this was more new Twin Peaks stuff for me to consume.

I ended up buying the VHS releases of both seasons. Then years later buying them again on the laserdisc then DVD formats. Through these releases I got many friends hooked on Twin Peaks. One of whom borrowed Laura's secret diary book and the Agent Cooper book. Which by this time were out of print. Sadly his dog,a love able but destructive dog named Kuma-chan,ate both books one day while my friend was at work. Since then I have managed to replace the Diary.But still need to replace the Agent Cooper book. The Diary got a re-release around 3 years ago. But as of this writing  the Cooper book is still out of print. I am hoping with season 3 airing now we will get a new release of the Agent Cooper book.

Thanks to having every episode on VHS every Halloween from 1993 until 1997 I would host a Twin Peaks marathon at my home. Starting with the original cut of the pilot and going through seasons 1 and 2.Then ending it with Fire Walk with Me. I also got lucky and found not only the cassette releases of the soundtracks to the tv show and movie,but also the CD releases. Many a nights I have fallen asleep while listening to them.

Sometime in 2014 I heard that David Lynch was gonna bring the show back. And it was going to air on Showtime. Which meant the show wouldn't have to fall under the restrictions of airing  on a broadcast network. Even though the first 2 seasons got away with lots of stuff that very few shows back then could get away with on a broadcast network. IIRC Season 3 was suppose to start 25 years after the show left the air. Which makes the previous mentioned comment from Laura have even more resonance. 

As I am writing this the first 2 episodes of what will be an 18 episode season 3 have aired on Showtime. And episodes 3 and 4 have been aired on the Showtime app. I just watched episodes 1 and 2 a few hours ago. Once I knew the show was coming back I tried to avoid any news about which cast members were coming back. I didn't watch any of the teaser trailers. I wanted to go into the new season knowing as little as I could.

I gotta say in just 2 episodes,each about an hour long,Lynch has not only gotten me hooked on Twin Peaks again. But has me wishing I didn't have to wait a week between episodes. I rarely watch that much TV anymore. Preferring to either wait till shows I enjoy hit DVD/Blu Ray. So I can watch an entire season in a few days. I like how in the show 25 years have passed. Cooper has been stuck in the Black Lodge all this time. And Evil Cooper has been out in the world doing all kinds of evil sinister shit.

So what was it about this show that captured my attention so much? Really it is many many things. As I said somewhere above before the show started  I was already a big David Lynch fan. I enjoy all his films besides Dune. Hell I even watched The Cleveland Show a few times just cause Lynch is a character on the show. Still have no clue how Seth Macfarlane managed to get that to happen. The story,while odd and nonsensical at times,still was intriguing enough to make me watch each episode and the  film more times than I can count. This is one of the few shows/films that I have owned on so far 4 formats. Yep I have bought this show and the film on VHS,Laserdiscs,DVD and now Blu Ray.

The cast is another reason why I love the show so much. Twin Peaks introduced me to so many actors and actresses that before the show I had never heard of. People like Kyle MacLachlan who plays Agent Dale Cooper. Sherliyn Fenn who is Audrey Horne,Madchen Amick who plays Shelly. And so many others. 

The final reason why I kept coming back  to a show that I thought was dead was how multilayered the plot was. Just recently while  preparing for season 3 I re-watched both seasons and the film. And even though I had seen every episode close to 100 times I still find stuff I never noticed in them each time I re-watch them. And it is the same with the movie.

With  just 2 seasons and 30 episodes total,until recently,Twin Peaks became one of my top 3 TV shows of all time. It is a show that it is rare a day passed that I don't make a joke or reference to it. And it is a show that I am always trying to get people that have never seen it to try it out.

Hopefully season 3 keeps up the quality of the previous 2 seasons. And from what I am hearing if season 3 does good Lynch wants to do at least another season. I really hope this happens. 

Anyways hope y'all enjoyed reading my musing about what I consider to be one of the best dramas to ever air. Thank you for reading my thought about Twin Peaks.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 215 Dark Knight The Master Race #08

TITLE-Dark Knight III The Master Race #08

Almost at the end,one more issue,and this issue is mostly building towards that final issue.

Batman,fresh from the Lazurus pit is reunited with Carrie Kelly. And during this Wonder Woman and the Amazons prepare for the Kryptonians attack.

Honestly the main part of this issue is kind of boring. Nothing much happens. The art is nice and I get that the writers are trying to build up for the final issue.

The back up story isn't much better.It happens a bit ago and Batman and Carrie meet up with the female commissioner.

As I have said a few times before I should have waited until this series was over and bought the trade.

Dark Knight III The Master Race #08 gets a borrow.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 314 Jughead #10

TITLE-Jughead #10
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

Yeah I got way behind on this series. After meeting her last issue,when she was dressed as a giant burger,Jughead ends up out on a date with Sabrina.

He of course fucks this all up. And she leaves and is very mad. It is after this we "learn" that Sabrina is a witch.

She tries through out the issue to cast spells on Jughead but they all backfire and work out good for him. Like how Jughead ends up being close friends with Reggie.

And with that the issue ends. Of course the next issue with end this story. I do like how they have re-introduced Sabrina to the new Archie universe.

Jughead #10 gets a buy.

2017 Comic Challenge 313 Grendal #03

TITLE-Grendal #03

And with the third and final issue of this run of Grendal we get the tale of the first time Hunter Rose and Argent fought.

Someone has been killed. Hunter takes the dead man's daughter off to safety then goes off. He runs into Argent.

While they fight a police officer and a detective come and start a murder investigation. I am sure back when this came out this scene was pretty innovation,but today in the age of Law and Order being on 20 channels all day long it is kind of boring.

During the fight some guy that looks like John Bryne finds the child.Grabs her and runs off. And the issue ends with Argent defeated and Hunter Rose discovering that the child is missing.

Yeah like the two previous issues I can see why this was a hit back in the early 80s. And it is worth reading. But do not buy the issues. There is much cheaper ways to get them.

Grendal #03 gets a borrow.

2017 Comic Challenge 312 Grendal #02

TITLE-Grendal #02

And with this second issue it is Argent's turn to give us a personal history lesson. It isn't bad and honestly much more interesting than Hunter Rose AKA Grendal's.

The rest of the issue is odd. It feels like I should know who a bunch of these people are. But as far as I know the only appearances Hunter Rose made before this series was in Comico Premier. And I have read those,even if it was a long ass time ago.

The slight change in art style while telling Argent's history is a neat touch. But like with issue one get this as a reprint or in a trade. No way is it worth whatever inflated price Mile High Comics is charging for it.

Grendal #02 gets a borrow.

2017 Comic Challenge 311 Grendal #01

TITLE-Grendal #01

I have read issues of Grendal before. But not too sure I have ever read this first issue. Back when it was black and white and Matt Wagner wrote and drew the series.

I have this issue in one of the reprints that is out,but cause I was not home I went with a scan I got years back.

Grendal and Argent are on a city rooftop. And Grendal starts to tell his history. From being a child prodigy. To taking over one of the local mobs and cleaning up various parts of the city.

Wagner's art is cartoony but still so action packed. I am just guessing here,mostly cause certain panels remind me of Silver Age Marvel,but I am thinking Wagner is a big fan of Don Heck.

This is worth tracking down as a reprint. I am sure it is out in trade form from at least 2 companies,seem to remember Dark Horse putting out Grendal Omnibus volumes.

Grendal #01 gets a borrow.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 310 The Walking Dead #165

TITLE-The Walking Dead 165

FUCK! Yeah Kirkman got me again. I have been thinking that either Rick or Carl would die soon. But I was wrong.

We got our group on horseback leading the herd into the ocean. All is going well. Then Andrea and Eugene get separated. Andrea makes it out,but has to go back to rescue Eugene.

Dwight's group is doing good. Then what is left of the Saviours show up and Dwight gets attacked.

Back at Alexandria Rick and Negan are slowly thinning out the herd that is surrounding the shed they are trapped in.

So it looks like all is going ok. Then the final page happens. And we see what I am pretty sure is a bite mark on Andrea's neck. Like I said at the beginning FUCK!.

The Walking Dead 165 gets a BUY!

Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 309 The Walking Dead #164

TITLE-The Walking Dead 164

Fun issue. Got a bunch of people from Hilltop and Alexandria on horse back leading off packs of zombies from the herd that is inside Alexandria.

And while all that is great,well written and drawn the best part of the issue is Rick and Negan get stuck together inside a tiny shed inside Alexadria. And Negan explains why he is the  way he is to Rick. Kind of surprised but it makes sense.

It looks like our leads have this under control and Alexandria will survive. Then the last page reveals that some of the Saviours are lying in wait. Ready to attack as soon as the herd is gone.

The Walking Dead #164 gets a buy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 308 Archie:Gridiron Glory

TITLE-Archie Gridiron Glory
PUBLISHER-Archie comics

For a few years Archie had been putting out collections of older stories as Digital Exclusive trades. This collection is around 150 pages. With every story in some way connected to football.

What made this so good to me is not only was the price good,IIRC about 5 bucks.But also you get a great selection of some of the best Archie artists over the past what 60 years.

Sadly if rumors are true Archie comics is having money issues. Something to do with a former writer on one of their Sonic the Hedgehog comics,which is a pretty decent series from what I have read of it,suing Archie over ownership of some characters he created. I really haven't read up much on this. Just seen a few blurbs on various comic news sites. So right now is a time where Archie comics needs the fans to buy more product. I just ordered the trade of the first storyline of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series and plan on hitting their website soon and seeing if they still do cheap bundle deals on old issues of their digest sized comics.

So if you ever have read and enjoyed a comic from Archie I ask of you to buy something from them. Even if ya just grab a digest from Walmart. It would be a bad thing for the comic industry if one of the longest lasting companies,and one that still has a pretty big non-direct market presence.

Archie Gridiron Glory gets a buy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 307 The Walking Dead #163

TITLE-The Walking Dead #163
FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Alexandria was prepared for a zombie herd attack,but no way were they prepared for a herd this large.

Andrea,Eugene,Jesus,Michonne and others are out on horses. To try to lead off large amounts of the herd away from the town. Back at the community Rick has everyone ready with knives to stab all the zombies pressing up against the front gate. But there is so many zombies the ones on the gate start to get crushed and become liquefied.
While our leads might have survived the war with the Whisperers fairly well it doesn’t look like they have a chance of surviving this herd. I am guessing that before issue 175 what is left of our leads will be back living on the run.

The Walking Dead #163 gets a buy!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 306 Southern Bastards #16

TITLE-Southern Bastards #16

Fuck yeah the two Jasons are back with another issue of Southern Bastards.

With the Rebs losing their past 2 games Coach Boss is gonna make sure they don't lose a third in the row. So him and 2 of his guys head to the home of the star player of a rival team.

It looks like Coach Boss is gonna injury the kid bad enough so he has to miss a game. But the kid stands up and explains how it was Coach Boss that inspired him to be the best he can be on the field.

And of course during all this Coach's goons are holding the kid's parents at gun point. The parents turn the tables and it gets nasty. Both of the parents get shot/beaten so bad they end up in intensive care.

It looks like the Rebs got the game won. When the star player kid actually shows up. The game ends a tie,which we find out from a radio that a few of Coach Boss's goons are listening too. Out of nowhere two guys armed with fully automatic weapons shoot and kill the goons.

As it has so far with each issue Southern Bastards ends leaving you hoping that in 4 weeks you will get another issue.

Southern Bastards #16 gets a BUY!

2017 Comic Challenge 305 The Walking Dead #162

TITLE-The Walking Dead #162

The battle is over. Some troops reach Hilltop and see what is left. Dwight's group makes it back to Alexandria. Carl has a sweet moment with Lydia. All looks good. The war is over. Our leads have once again won. Sure they suffered losses of people and Hilltop is almost totally gone.Plus Eugene has worked himself to death to manufacture and deliver to Alexandria a huge wagon packed to the rafters with ammunition.So it looks good. Maybe a time of peace for our survivors.Time to mourn the dead and keep on surviving.

Then in the last 5 pages shit hits the fan. Dwight is explaining to Rick how his army managed to stop the Whisperers and their herd of around 1000 zombies. And we find out that Beta and what is left of the Whisperers have lead what looks to be millions of zombies towards Alexandria.

There is so many beautiful 2 page spreads in this issue. The first being when the troops on horseback finally make it to Hilltop. The other two are near the end. It is just millions and millions of zombies being lead towards Alexandria.

Just guessing but I am gonna say before the end of this year our leads will be back on the road again. But who knows with this title.

There is a reason I get Walking Dead every month. A reason why I end up buying every issue twice,digital for monthly issues and then whenever the next Compendium comes out.And it is cause even after 162 issues it still finds a way to keep surprising me and keeping my interest.

The Walking Dead #162 gets a BUY!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 304 Buddy Does Seattle

TITLE-Buddy does Seattle

Got this collection of the first half of Hate for X-mas. Sure I own all the issues in their original form. But it is so much easier to grab this trade off the shelf than digging thru my many longboxes to find all the issues.

Anyways it starts off with Buddy catching us up to date as to what has happened to him and Stinky since Neat Stuff ended.And from there we get all kinds of wacky stuff. Like Buddy's various attempts at having a steady girlfriend. Or the short time that Buddy manages Seattle's hottest band Leonard and the LoveGods.Finally in the last issue Buddy has too much and packs up his stuff and heads back to New Jersey,but of course he has his lady Lisa coming with him.

Peter Bagge managed to capture how it was to be a late teen/early 20 year old in the early to mid 90s.Having no idea what you want to do with your life,but knowing you gotta do something.

Buddy does Seattle gets a BUY!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 303 Cerebus Bi-weekly #03

TITLE-Cerebus Bi-weekly #03
PUBLISHER-Aardvark Vanaheim Press

Reprinting the 3rd issue of the 300 issue long maxi series Cerebus,this issue of Bi-weekly if I read the inside cover right has a tiny ass print run. For a period of time this series kept the early issues of Cerebus in print in single issue form. Since of course there was always the phonebook trades.

Issue 3 is the introduction of Red Sophia. And this is long before Gerhard was added to the art team. Before reading this I hadn't read any pre-issue 30 or so Cerebus.Sim is still in his full on parody of BWS's Conan stuff. The art is great and teh story is good for what it is.

Cerebus Bi-weekly #03 gets a borrow.

2017 Comic Challenge 302 Thump'n Guts #01

TITLE-Thump'n Guts #01
PUBLISHER-Kitchen Sink Comix

Yeah I know my copy is beat up. But I have had it since 98 or so when I found it at some mall show in TX.

The story,well there isn't much of a story it is just 36 pages of Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley going nuts.

And really your enjoyment of this comic depends on how much you love both creators. I personally really enjoy both.

For me it is a buy,just cause of the talent involved. For anyone else,unless you find it cheap,it is a borrow.

Thump'n Guts #01 gets a buy.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 301 Astro City Vol 01 #04

TITLE-Astro City Volume 01 #04

Another story showing us the normal average citizen of Astro City's POV of living in a place packed with super powered beings.

Our lead is a younger lady. Who lives in what is the supernatural part of Astro City. But works in the dead center of town. She wants to move out of Shadow Hill and not have to worry every night about attacks. Gets offered a chance to split an apartment with some people at work. Then a team of super villains attacks her workplace. Even after being quickly saved by Astro City's version of the Fantastic Four,our lead changes her mind and now wants to keep living in her old neighborhood.

While not as good as the previous two issues,this is still a good comic. It felt more like Busick trying to introduce as many parts and people of Astro City as he could in one issue. Which ended up being done pretty decently.

Astro City Volume 01 #04 gets a buy.

2017 Comic Challenge 300 A Touch of Silver #01

TITLE-A Touch of Silver #01

After hearing about this series for years,plus reading what I think is all of Jim Valentino's Normalman series last year,I have been wanting to try out A Touch of Silver. Going into the comic all I knew was it was semi autobiographical,and that Gary Groth of  The Comics Journal hated it.

Ok I see why Groth hated it. This is Valentino trying his best to pull on every fanboy's heartstrings. Imagine if you took Blankets,another comic I hate,and add the art style of early issues of Hate.You would get A Touch of Silver. It is every "Man it sucked growing up as a comic geek. Everyone hated me" story you have heard or lived through at once.

So sorry Mr Valentino,I have at least enjoyed every other thing of yours I have read. But A Touch of Silver is pure crap.

A Touch of Silver gets a pass. Pass it to a trash can and light it on fire so no one else should have to suffer through this god awful comic.

2017 Comic Challenge 299 Doom Patrol Vol 02 #62

TITLE-Doom Patrol volume 02 #62

Pretty sure this is the second to last issue of Morrison's run on Doom Patrol. The Chief has left behind a back up plan. Nanotech that will reshape the world. Cliff of course doesn't trust the Chief so goes off to stop this newest world wide threat.

Knowing what happens in the next issue,then how the next writer on the series would change most things,this issue now reads completely differently than it did when I first read it in my teens decades ago.

Once again with this series it is best to just go buy or borrow the trades. I grab the issues cause I enjoy reading the letter pages and stuff.

Doom Patrol volume 02 #62 gets a borrow.

2017 Comic Challenge 298 Doom Patrol vol 2 #59

TITLE-Doom Patrol volume 02 #59

We are near the end of Grant Morrision's long run on Doom Patrol. So he is wrapping up all the loose threads before handing the title over to Rachel Pollock.

After 3 pages of rigidly done 6 panel pages,all showing us how the world is ending,we see what is left of the team. The Candlemaker is killing the soul of the world. And of course only the Doom Patrol can prevent this from happening.

Thankfully years ago I read all of Morrison's Doom Patrol run,cause if not this issue wouldn't have made a lick of sense. The reason I read this was I just recently got another copy. Sure I got Morrison run in TPBs. But those are missing the letter pages,which were sometimes really good. And every cheap bin in every LCS I visit has piles of issues of Doom Patrol sitting there unloved and forgotten by the modern fanboys. Plus look at that cover. It caught my eye while flipping through piles of copies of mid 90s glut Marvel stuff.

Really with this series if you want to read it just buy the trades or see if your local library has them. Sure you can spend a few years and manage to get the entire run for under a buck an issue out of the cheap bins. But that is time spent you could use to read this great series much faster.

Doom Patrol vol 02 #59 gets a borrow.

2017 Comic Challenge 297 Astro City volume 01 #03

TITLE-Astro City Volume 01 #03

Yep back to Busick's Astro City. I have no clue as of the quality of this series after the Tarnished Angel story in Vol 02,but at least up till then it is an amazing series that more people should read.

In this issue a low level crook,he robs stores to live,manages to not only escape Jack in the Box but also sees Jack unmasking. And so now this nobody in the criminal world knows the secret identity of Astro City's version of say Spidey,Blue Beetle or The Creeper.Information like this is valuable but also dangerous. So what will he do with this info?

So Busick takes another old comic book cliche/trope and tries to add some realism to it.While stuff like Watchmen,Miracleman,DKR and Squadron Supreme get referred to as grim and gritty deconstructions of the superhero genre,Astro City is a more optimistic and realistic deconstruction of the superhero genre.

Honestly folks Astro City is one of those series that was popular as fuck when it was coming out in the late 90s,but to me it feels like people have forgotten about it. Go grab some back issues or a trade and check it out. If you like superheroes odds are good you will enjoy this series.

Astro City vol 01 #03 gets a buy.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 296 Astro City vol 01 #02

TITLE-Astro City volume 01 #02

Been 20 years since I read the first volume of Astro City. But recently found a bunch of them cheap in the local comic shop cheap bins.

A reporter in Astro City learns how hard it is to be a journalist in a city full of super powered beings. After witnessing a gigantic battle,were the fate of reality is in jeopardy,he writes about it. But quickly learns that he isn't working for a J. Jonah Jameson style rag.

The art is great. I love how with just a few panels and well written pieces of dialogue I feel like I have known the various heroes appearing in this issue for years.

Astro City volume 01 #02 gets a buy.