Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 282 What If? Volume 02 #16

TITLE-What If volume 02 #16

Ahh I so love What If. So it is a title I will grab anytime I find issues for cheap. Got this one at the local comic shop.It had been put into the cheap bins. So while digging through stacks of mid 90s glut stuff I found not only this issue but a small stack of Conan I didn't own.

The story starts off back during Uncanny X-men #137. While the X-men are fighting the Imperial Guard,to decide to fate of Jean "Phoenix" Grey. This happens on the part of the moon that the Watcher lives in. So during that original story Wolverine fell into a dimensional door and thanks to the Watcher breaking his code,Wolvie made it back and managed to get Jean back in charge of her body long enough for her to kill herself.

But in another world,Wolverine fell through a door on the moon and ended up back in the time of Conan the Barbarian. So that is the premise for this issue.

Wolvie and Conan of course meet up and have a battle,can't have some Marvel heroes meet up for the first time without them fighting can we?

After the battle Wolvie joins up with Conan and Red Sonja and they have an adventure. A pretty decent one to be honest.

Then at the end of the adventure Conan falls into a wizard's pool,which transports him back to the modern day,well the modern day of Uncanny #137,and since Wolvie isn't there to get Jean to take control of her body from the Phoenix Force,well Jean goes full on Phoenix Force and it looks like that world is doomed.

I have never heard of any of the creative team. But from what I have heard What If was used a bunch of the time as tryouts for new talent.Got Glenn Herdling doing the story.Gary Kwapisz on pencils. Ian Akin on inks. Yep no one I have heard of before.

What If volume 02 #16 gets a buy.