Monday, October 12, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 12 Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays
Source-Echo Bridge 20 movies for $5 DVD pack

Before buying the 20 horror films for $5 pack I hadn't even heard of Home for the Holidays. I was looking at the back of the pack,saw this film's title and that Sally Fields was in it I had to grab it.Then I started looking it up. Seems it was made for TV in 1972. And Aaron Spelling was the producer.

A man calls his 4 daughters and asks them to come to his house for the X-mas holidays. They get there and he reveals he thinks his new wife is poisoning him and wants him dead. Then a horrible thunderstorm hits. And the killer appears. Wearing a yellow rain jacket and armed with a pitchfork. Now since this was made for TV the violence and gore levels are pretty much at zero. But the acting is really good and I was kind of surprised with how much I enjoyed this movie.

I like how this came out before Black Christmas and Halloween,both of which are considered the first slasher films,and all the slasher tropes appear in this film. For that reason since seeing it I have considered this film a proto-slasher. Kind of how like now Psycho is considered a proto-slasher.

The DVD is bare bones. And looks like it is a VHS rip. But considering the VHS is kind of rare,and this is the only DVD release of the film and how much this cost it is worth grabbing if you find a copy.

Home for the Holidays gets a A-.